For A Memorable Vacation in Greece

Most people think of a holiday in Greece to the many Greek islands. Tourism is indeed the key here, but also in mainland Greece can guarantee a memorable vacation. On this post you will find facts and tips on various lovely Greek holiday destinations.
Practical tips for a holiday in Greece
Wherever you go on vacation in Greece, the following practical tips may help:
• In most places in Greece is not advisable to drink tap water. Better safe than sorry and always drink mineral water.
• By using for many Dutch foreign ingredients and spices in the food and olive oil for cooking, one can easily suffer from the intestines. So take them always, in the Netherlands at the chemist’s freely available, with anti-diarrheal agents.
• When in Greece itself an old or antique object could find, make sure you can take this is Greece. Performing many classic objects is in fact strictly prohibited.
• In restaurants, it is a use for approximately 10% tip. Tipping for example, chambermaids and taxi drivers is not used, but is obviously greatly appreciated.
• As regards opening hours of shops, banks and other institutions, there is no directive, but many institutions are starting two hours, closed at midday. If you do something urgently to go to, check the opening times in advance!

More about Greek history, culture and antiquity
Many who go on holiday in Greece, also want some of the ancient Greek culture and see. Some important events and figures from Greek history and culture:

• In ancient Greece were some key philosophers who still play an important role, namely Aristotle, Plato and Socrates.
• The Trojan Horse: ten years after having besieged Troy, the Greeks took Troy still using the Trojan Horse.
• The Greek Orthodox Church is the church in Greece. Central to the black-clad priest.
• The Syrtos the Greek dance par excellence. It is a round dance in which the male dancers hold each other’s shoulders.
• In Greece there are many typical dishes such as kebabs and tzatziki, which is also popular in Turkey. These dishes are in fact from the Turkish, came over during the centuries of Turkish reign on lands of Greece.Farmer salad and Greek yogurt are also typical Greek dishes, which you must certainly taste.

Last minute holidays to Greece

At all times it pays to go looking for a last minute. Despite the sometimes conflicting reports this observation with a last minute much to save. For a Last Minute Greece compare the various providers.

Greece, the ideal destination for sailors
Greece is an ideal holiday destination for sailors and sailing enthusiasts, because:
• The location of Greece, surrounded by sea, there are opportunities to take a sailboat across the sea to explore. The wind is often 4 to 5 Beaufort, a very favorable circumstance for sailing.
• Especially from the many Greek islands you can easily and not too expensive a sailing cruise from one day to several weeks books.
• If optimal area for sailing the Ionian Sea is best known. There are many islands and especially the island of Lefkada is a good starting point for a cruise.
• In many places, the ability to offer Flotilla sailing, even with Dutch assistance. It normally sails with a so-called mother, thus also for the less experienced sailors but as safe as possible. Incidentally, at least two people per boat sailor.
• Learn more about sailing and sailing holidays in Greece you can find such

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