Vacation on Mediterranean Islands of Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza – the charming little resort island

With the island of Ibiza connect most of the terms wild parties, celebrations, excitement, humor and a lot of sunshine. And naturally it is also almost each of the summer off, because the further terms in Ibiza are beach, sun and swimming in warm water. The images show the head while young, tanned and sporty people who enjoy their intense love of life and sometimes “let the sow out.

All this is true with certainty, but Ibiza to be limited to these points would not be fair on the island. Surely it is the party island and the other ideas are found here again in reality. Ibiza also has other faces, a few km next to the raging beach life and the nightly parties take the silent dreamy spots, where one might expect to be almost the only visitors to the island. Those looking for natural beauty and would enjoy the idyllic landscapes, you are in Ibiza and at his expense. The capital Eivissa recalls in large parts of a medieval town and many of the island villages have interesting buildings, especially churches exhibit the typical military.

We had chosen for our visit in October, a month in which the season is already over, but weather and temperature are still very pleasant. This election we have no regrets, on the contrary, we found the autumn on the island as an ideal time to visit. They were not the crowds like the season to be found, but the tourist life was still in full swing. You could even swim easily in the pleasantly warm sea, but was rarely space problems on crowded beaches. In short, it was quiet, without being extinct. Even the weather was good, the temperatures were fully in the green, without which one was given a heat shock.

Sure, who have as their prime turmoil in his holiday wish, and lays great emphasis on discos, for the summer months are the first choice. The probability of duration of sunshine at this time is the biggest and most people who do not mind the heat, then are in their element. A question is also whether you want to spend their holidays in a place or intends to explore the island. If you want to learn the landscape and sights of Ibiza closer to know the year is suitable, even the winter months. But in winter there on the island of relative calm, self-quarters are found to be heavier and the weather can sometimes still be pretty uncomfortable. In summer it is sometimes so hot that it has no great desire for more intensive exploration. This is of course our personal opinion, one or the other can look completely different. Sure we are, however, that one way or the Ibiza is worth a visit and a holiday on the island is not intended to be marked negative.

As usual, we had all been booked in advance of our trip from Germany, so accommodation and car hire. We were actually driving always good and this time we regret this does not – even though our quarters in Ibiza proved to be not just a lucky find. Since we wanted to explore the island extensively, it was important to have a car available, while the position of the district not a priority, was there are pretty easy to get on the tiny island of all objectives.

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