Royal Attractions & Activities in Madrid: Part 1

For the sights of Madrid you can take a long time, but also extend it over two days, if one is fit to walk to get an overview. The Gran Via, the avenue was built around the century. Here is classified a cafe and cinema to the next. Most buildings have pompous facades. Located at the entrance just before the Cibeles Square Metrópolis building with its Corinthian columns and its ceramic dome recalls not only because of his name on the aesthetics of the Fritz Lang movies. The administrative building of the “Telefónica” was inaugurated in 1929 and is one of the first “skyscrapers” of Europe.

On Cibeles Square get big eyes when you stand before the same well, which is considered one of the most beautiful of Madrid and then the impressive building behind it looks: A palace everyone thinks is true, but not royal, but the “Palacio de Communications (Palace of the communication) – the main building of the post.

From here you reach the Plaza de la Independencia (Independence Square) quickly to the Retiro Park. Promenade, walkway, small artist-stage, off to the lawn, nap or cuddling make … this park in the middle of the city is everything. On the small lake in the middle of the park, young people in rented rowboats provide naval battles on the way around it, there are puppet shows, magician shows and trapeze artists without harness their skills and play music from all countries on traditional and modern instruments. On the lawn can be tiring for long city walks, museum visits and wonderfully relaxing.

If you leave the park duch the output on the road Alfonso XII, you run straight to the Prado Mueseum. It is home to the most significant collection of Spanish paintings including works by 19 Century and is a must for any art lover. Alone in this vast museum you can easily spend a day.

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