Phi Phi, The Fiery Island of Thailand: Part 2

The world-famous beaches of Phi Phi Island

Ton Sai Bay
The Ton Sai Bay on Phi Phi is the port. Here lay the ferries, longtail boats and speed. Due to the busy ship traffic, the water is right on the pier is not very clean. After the day tourists leave, it is quiet here. Ton Sai Village is the village that lies at the pier. There are plenty of restaurants, bakeries, cocktail bars, banks, clinic, dive shops, travel agencies, a 7-Eleven supermarket and internet cafes. At the end of the bay, far away from the pier, the hotel Ton Sai Village Resort. away at the other end of the bay, further from the village and pier, is located on a hillside, the Phi Phi Bayview Resort.

Loh Dalum Bay
Loh Dalum Bay, opposite Ton Sai. While creating this smaller boats, it is a wonderful place to relax and swim. From the hotel gives a great view of the bay and limestone rocks. The Ton Sai Village is practically next door, which has the advantage also take you to dinner something.

Loh Bagao Bay
unable to Loh Bagao Bay ran it be unless one wanders through the jungle. With the long tail boat to reach the paradise but in around 20 minutes. The beach of the bay is 800 meters long, very quiet, palm lined. The only (and highly recommended) hotel is very good Pee Pee Iceland Village.

Laem Thong Bay
Laem Thong Bay is a bit further than Bagao Loh. The long beach has a few small plants, restaurants and dive shop. Overall, ideal for beach holidays, as this can be avoided at other restaurants and some entertainment in the evening in the cocktail bars is available. The Phi Phi Erawan, the Zeavola Resort and Phi Phi Natural Resort located here. On a separate bay is the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi.

Other island beaches are also very nice, most hotels or without settlements. For travel by long tail boat can easily be kept here and there, just there where you like it. Most of the sand is very fine and the water good for swimming. Almost everywhere there are coral reefs and magnificent rock scenery.

Maya Bay
The Maya Bay on the neighboring island of Phi Phi Lee is a perfect place for snorkeling. In the beautiful bay, many coral reefs and tropical fish. The bay is flanked by a rocky landscape. Here are the main images for the movie “The Beach” were filmed, so you snorkel here no longer alone, it is worth seeing anyway.

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