The Rich Port of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, meaning ‘Rich Port’ in Spanish, as it is obvious in its name, truly a rich place in terms of natural beauties.Being a major tourist destination in the world, Puerto Rice, is known for its beautiful beaches, nice waters, gorgeous nature, and as everyone would easily remember, the miss universes -as this beautiful place already has four miss universes and having some great degrees in miss universe competitions almost every year-.

Right, when the name of Puerto Rico is mentioned, many people in the world remember its fame in miss universe competitions simultaneously with its world-famous beaches, nature, water.Puerto Rico is the main island of Puerto Rico, and besides this, it has many other considerably big and smaller islands all around.Some of the big ones are Mona, Culebra, Vieques.There are even smaller island some of which are connected to the mainland by bridges.Culebra Island is, for some authorities, one of the cheapest places to have a wonderful vacation.

Puerto Rico is very easy to travel for USA citizens and for those who have visa to USA, as Puerto Rico is a territory of the USA.Spanish is the first language on the island while English is the second.US Dollar is valid currency which would make things even easier for the vacationers.

Puerto Rico is a place where you could find many of attractions and activities to do such as diving, hiking, surfing, fishing, natural and historical places to visit and many more.Beautiful resorts of Puerto Rico are ready to offer you an unforgettable vacation.

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