A Traveler’s Interview About Puerto Rico

Here is the important pats of an interview of an old traveler’s -she prefers to call herself a traveler rather than a tourist- published in a well-known web site.Puerto Rico was one of her last destinations.She replied important basic questions which will be useful for those who plan to visit Puerto Rico.I will render a useful post by having this interview about Puerto Rico as the base.Hopefully you will enjoy and find it useful.

  • What Language do they speak in Puerto Rico ?: The first language is Spanish but most people also speak English.I felt like I was in the US until I arrived in San Juan.
  • How long does the flight take from Miami to Puerto Rico? : It takes about 2.5 hours by flight.You could go also by ship.
  • How is the climate in Puerto Rico ? : It has a tropical climate and very hot in summer.Puerto Rico has nothing like winter, actually.Summer and Autumn is known to be hurricane seasons but weather forecast helps pretty well in this issue.

  • What do you like most about Puerto Rico; history, foods, nature ? : All of the them. 🙂
  • Where did you stay in Puerto Rico ? : I stayed in a hotel called Coqui Inn, which was a sweet hotel actually.Coqui, in fact, is the name of a frog specific to this area.
  • How is transportation in Puerto Rico ? : Traffic rules and everything is very similar to the way it is in USA, almost the same.You could have buses for transportation.I, actually, rented car which is not that expensive either.

  • Did you enjoy your travel to Puerto Rico ? : Yes, I, absolutely, did.
  • Thank you for the interview. : You are very welcome, it was a pleasure.

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