Winter Tourism Season in Turkey

Winter is at gate in Turkey! Winter tourism season in Turkey is December through April.With is specific geographical structure and high level service quality Turkey is amongst the best winter tourism destinations all over the world as well it is also amongst the best for summer vacation.Nice ski resorts, high mountains, pretty good service quality are to offer all kind of winter tourism activities such as skiing, hiking, hunting, snowboarding etc.

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Many peerless destinations in middle and eastern Turkey attracts local and foreign tourists.Tens of thousands of tourists visit Turkey’s winter tourism centers every year such as Europeans, Russians etc.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, Turkey is mostly known for its specific, superb summer vacation opportunities.But its very suitable geography is increasing Turkey’s worldwide winter tourism popularity every year.

Uludag, Kartalkaya, Elmadag, Saklikent, Palandoken, Bolkar, Hazarbaba, Zigana, Erciyes are several most known and popular winter tourism centers of Turkey.With their peerless ski resorts, these places are to offer an excellent winter vacation.Besides the resorts and ski centers, all year long snow having high mountains of Turkey is also a very good destination for mountain climbers, adventurers, snowboarders.

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(Hazarbaba mountain in Elazig province of Turkey; with its 2347 m height and nice ski center, it’s now a new face and new destination of Turkey’s superb winter tourism.This photo was taken during me and my friends’ mountain hiking in winter 2007.)

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