Kemer, Rising Pearl of Turkey Mediterranean

Kemer, 40 km away from the city center of Antalya city -Turkey-, was just a small village until last several decades.Now, after all improvements and investments within Kemer, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Turkey, and a candidate to be one of the most populars in the world.With its green and blue combination, Kemer offers a great variety of excitement to the vacationers.

Kemer is a real place where green of the nature and blue of the Mediterranean combines within a great variety of qualities.A very nice vacation place with its quality accommodations -resorts, hotels etc.-, refreshments, beaches, marinas, and historical cities.With all its qualifications, Kemer is a place where you could easily access many different activities and spend your vacations the best way it could be.

Ancient cities such as Olympos and Phaselis are very near to Kemer, and transportation to these places from Kemer is available in both land and sea transportations.Having these ancient cities very nearby is just another distinctive attraction of Kemer.

For those who want to explore caves, at where many historical relics were found, there are many caves all around Kemer.Sports such as riding, biking, boating, diving are available in the area.You could even get riding lessons from tutors.Safari tours around Kemer is a popular attraction lately.If you could feel okay to leave the crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, you will have chances for all of those.

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