Fun, Cool, Interesting Facts You Should Know About Miami

Today we are in Miami, folks! We will take a ride through some fun facts about Miami. It is one of the most well known, and most visited cities in both the USA and the world. It should be fun to know some kick ass facts about it. Before we start, I have posted one about the whole state of Florida — fun facts. If you’re interested, you could look it up in my blog.

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If you are in Miami, it’s probably more likely than not that you would enjoy nightclubs. If so, then visit South Beach art deco nightclub district. It is considered to be one of the best in the world. It sure is one of the world’s vacation capitals — more than 10 million people visit Miami annually.

The name Miami — it comes from a Native American tribe who lived in the area circa 1600-1700s. They are called the Mayiami(s). The city is considered to be found by a business woman named Julia Tuttle (nicknamed, Mother of Miami). She convinced a railroad mogul to come to the area. It makes Miami the only major city in the US that is founded by a woman. (And that’s your pick-up line, ahahaha)

All-famous Miami Beach is actually largely man-made and turns out some experts claim that they’re running out of resources to keep that up. Because the sand that’s carried over is lost due to natural causes. As long as we’re at that– if you are into Art Deco style, then Miami Beach is your place. It has the world’s biggest collection of this style architecture.

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Sun, Sea, Sand right? Well, Miami is the birthplace of one of the world’ first sunscreens — Coppertone. It is also the birthplace of Burger King and its famous burger Whopper. Miami is a world capital for divers — it has more than 50 wreck sites where scuba enthusiasts could dive and visit.

Within the recorded history of Miami, it has snowed only once in the city so far. And it was on 19th of Jan. 1977. All ready! I think this is enough. Feel free to leave your comments if you’ve got anything else in mind as to some interesting facts about Miami, Florida. And for now — Adios Amigos!



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