Chicago; Heart Of The USA, Hometown Of The Jazz

“In the middle of nowhere, right in the heart of the American continent it is – Chicago – the third largest of any U.S. cities. Here the Blues invented, made a name for the Jazz, here sold his first McDonald’s burgers and inspire the Cubs, Bears and the Chicago Bulls millions of fans.
Chicago – “the city of broad shoulders ” as Carl Sandburg once called them in his poems is, has always stood for success, economic growth and indestructible will to live. Here’s the American dream seems omnipresent. Wide streets, huge skyscrapers, and spacious parks give the city an image that could not be more generous.

Chicago is in the truest sense of the word, a city of superlatives. Like a phoenix from the ashes it was after the great fire of 1871, out of nowhere. At that time, grew the first skyscrapers that inspire today with its diverse architecture. Building in the style of Gothic, Art Deco, Modernism and glazing shape the skyline on Lake Michigan and let the heart of any architecture lover.

Chicago is also home to the largest building in America – the Sears Tower. The best view is obtained, however, from the John Hancock Observatory at North Michigan Avenue. A visit at night is more interesting, because only then is the typical checkerboard pattern of the city and the lighting of the skyline to advantage.

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