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Curacao Vacation

Curacao vacation is to enjoy it for young and old!

Are you ready for a relaxing holiday? Curacao has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday where you can really relax! Enjoy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands with sun, sea, white beaches and beautiful nature. Discover the many places of interest,, walk around the historic city center of Willemstad, and venture a swim in the clear blue ocean where a breathtaking underwater world awaits you.

During a holiday on Curacao you will be amazed at all the possibilities! Because of the many hours of sunshine, the pleasant stay on the island and on the beach to everyone to rest. Please landmarks? Even then you will not go hungry on Curacao. Example, there may be a visit to the salt pans of Jan Kock. There used here salt won many slaves, but now represent the salt pans a wonderful habitat for flamingos. A notable church is the church of Saint Wilibrordus which was built at the end of the nineteenth century. The ostrich farm, Ostrich farm, you will all about the animals know, and country Chobolobo you can meet with the famous Curacao liqueur produced here. The Hato Caves are also worth a visit. Located in the north of the island you can admire the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and there are petroglyphs of the former Ararwak Indians find. Spend an afternoon snorkel, meet dolphins, walk around in National Park Christoffel Park, and be surprised by Willemstad! The capital of Curacao has among other wonderful shops in its possession, the magnificent St. Anna Bay, the Commercial Quay, museums, and the famous floating market. Go for a holiday on Curacao if you like diversity and possibilities.


Curacao has about 38 public and private beaches, ranging from intimate rocky coves and long beaches with lively activities. Almost all beaches are scattered along the protective southwest coast, where the water is usually calm and crystal clear. The water on the north coast with its powerful surf and strong undertow not suitable for swimming. On the west and south coasts of the island are sheltered bays with beautiful, small sandy beaches. Examples include the beaches at West Point, Blue Bay and the Dutch in very popular Jan Thiel Bay. Closer to Willemstad are Seaquarium Beach and Bou Beach. Most beaches have a beach club with water sports facilities. Here it is possible to include windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and deep sea fishing. For lovers of snorkeling and diving is Curaçaoeen fine holiday. On the east side of the island is the Curaçao Underwater Park, where a route is marked along the most beautiful places underwater. In duikeres the ship and plane wrecks off the coast very popular. It is also possible to play tennis, horse riding and golf. Curaçao’s beaches are generally very suitable for children as they expire slowly. Also on the island and many hotels organize special activities for children.

National parks in Curacao

National parks are unique attractions. By visiting you protect yourself the quality and uniqueness of these protected areas. The parks have their existence namely largely due to the income from visitors. This saves a nature not be opened for agriculture or forestry. A national park is a protected area that focuses primarily on the protection of ecosystems and in second place fulfills a recreational function. In this protected natural life special plants and animals that are of extraordinary scientific, educational and recreational value. In national parks specific rules of conduct apply. For example, picking flowers and plants, and feeding of wild animals prohibited. The national park can provide more information about this.

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