Beautiful Easter Greeting Cards, Christian Resurrection Spirit

Easter is the most important Christian holiday. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after he died on Good Friday.Christians celebrate Easter with the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on the third day after his crucifixion. In many churches the night of Holy Saturday Easter Sunday held a vigil. At the end of the vigil, the Easter greeted with festive singing.

Date: Sunday, March 31  / Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter used to be a seasonal farm festival. It marked the beginning of spring and the end of a time of scarcity, which heerstte as stocks ran out of winter.

Many Easter customs are derived from the non-Christian spring festival, such as the collection of eggs.

Farmers regarded eggs as a nucleating effect. They buried them in their fields so that their effect on the soil and would bring about a good harvest would provide.

Later served the eggs for the Catholics, after the forty-day fasting period (after the celebration of Carnival began) back to strength. Palm Sunday with the eggs were collected.

Christianity is mainly based on the life and suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To calculate the date for Easter, see: Christian (religious) calendar.

Easter is not every year on the same (Sun) day, but on the first Sunday following the full moon after the beginning of spring. Easter is a spring festival. After the cold winter in which all food from the previous year has been eaten, the nature again.

Animals get boy, trees and flowers start to bloom, chicks from their ei.Het egg is a symbol of new life everywhere in the shops you see spring chicks and easter eggs, real, of paper or chocolate. The people there are also fresh in their Sunday best with new clothes.


easter christian resurrection spirit

For Catholic Christians, Easter is also the end of the fasting period that began with carnival. In the Netherlands you will not so much against. In some countries (eg Spain and Switzerland) are still Easter bonfires lit: the cold of winter spirits are chased away and spring welcomed. In the Netherlands there are still names against which remind: Paasberg, Easter field.


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