Top Best Vacation Spots in Asia: Part 1

The best of Asia
Asia has many faces. Lazing on white sand beaches, beautiful countryside or discover cultural sightseeing? It is possible! We put the 10 best and most beautiful regions of this beautiful continent in a row.

1. The fairytale China
The land of the ancient Great Wall, red lanterns, one million people and magical architecture. The imperial influences are visible throughout the country. Especially the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are very special. Also in terms of nature, China is extremely versatile. Tropical rainforests, mountains, desert landscapes and futuristic skylines, China has it all! For the real lovers of culture is the capital Beijing, the place to be. You’ll find beautiful temples, centuries-old neighborhoods. Who wants to escape the city life, may include in the Yunnan province in nature or a diving trip on the mighty Himalayas make. The hundreds of lanterns that characterize the streets of China, the mysterious buildings and beautiful landscapes make China a magical and beautiful country!

2. The Maldives, the diving paradise of Asia
The Maldives are characterized by white beaches, clear blue seas and swaying palms. The archipelago is located southwest of India and consists of hundreds of majestic coral islands, 75 of these are for tourists only. Especially the underwater world is breathtaking, especially for divers as the Maldives is a paradise. Different species of sharks, colorful fish inhabit these waters and stunning coral. Since most islands do not exceed five square kilometers, there are few sights to see. Lazing on the beach, enjoy the sun and scuba diving are the main activities. The active holiday, the party animal or culture maniac will feel this less in place. Relax, relax and unwind, you’re on this beautiful archipelago.

3. Thailand, the land of smiles
Everyone can still remember the devastating tsunami in 2004. Large parts of southern Thailand were swept away. Fortunately, the economy is recovering and Thailand weather Thailand we knew before. That means bustling cities, stunning Buddhist temples and a beautiful coastline. Because the country was never colonized, it has its own identity retained. This makes Thailand compared with other Asian countries is very unique. You will be welcomed with open arms by the friendly people that will make you feel right at home. Thailand is not for nothing called the land of smiles said. Visit the many colorful markets or go to discover the tropical rainforests with their rich variety of flora and fauna. In the south you’ll find mostly paradise islands with white sandy beaches and a stunning underwater world. Would you really go the middle of nature? Book a night in a Floatel, this floating hotel in the jungle is a very special place to sleep. Thailand offers the visitor many opportunities to learn about the traditional culture and stunning scenery. A country where nothing you can do but enjoy!

4. The undiscovered Vietnam
There are films made about musicals written and read many books. Vietnam is notorious and famous for its impressive history. Nevertheless, tourism is still not broken through in full swing. Especially the undiscovered north of beautiful island, jungle tours, tropical rice paddies and mountain villages is very worthwhile. The largest city is Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon. Through traffic is a hectic chaos, honking is as natural as blinking your eyes. But do not be deterred by the many mopeds and cars rush past you, because Ho Chi Minh has many cultural beauty. Take for example a visit to the beautiful opera house in the center of town and admire the mysterious temples in the Chinese district of Cholon. In the capital Hanoi, you can unwind in one of the many lakes that surround the city, like Halong Bay. Create and boat and sail along the majestic mountains and surveying hundreds of small islands.

5. Singapore, an impressive metropolis
Clean, safe, modern and multicultural, that is Singapore. The smallest country in Asia is an ideal place for a transit for a few days to alight. You’ll be surprised at the cultural diversity within this small area. Buddhist temples in the district of Little India, cozy stalls in Chinatown and impressive minarets in the Muslim section. In addition, the many skyscrapers, parks and huge shopping malls for a known Western atmosphere. A true voyage of discovery in only one country! Keep in mind the extremely high safety measures and harsh penalties. Polluting the street is definitely not good for your wallet. Despite this impressive metropolis is definitely worth a visit!

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