Celebrity 2014 Calendars, Johnny Depp, Paul Walker, Beyonce, Emma Stone, Great Gatsby

Hello everybody! Huh! What a start for my post! Reminded me of that classic song “Hello Everybody”, or the other one “Hello lonliness, bye bye happiness”. Well, alright, alright, enough of nonsense. Let us come to our subject. The subject is calendars! 2014 calendars. I created 2014 calendars of celebrities and movies. Of course, not countless ones, just picked several very important celebrities and movies, among which are The Great Gatsby, Hunger Games, Fast and Furious, Batman Dark Knight; and as celebrities, Beyonce, Johnny Depp, Paul Walker, Heath Ledger, Jennifer  Lawrence, Emma Stone.

batman dark knight joker calendar 2014

I will post what I have right now and as always, the comments are very very welcome. You guys might want me to create more calendars on which your favorite celebrity or movie cover is; that is quite fair and I will not disappoint my followers. What you need to do is just to leave a comment and let me know, and I will create the calender and add into this post. I would be glad to do it. Sure, anything for my followers 🙂 Right !

red head emma stone hot celebrity woman calendar 2014

Just couple words about the recent event, Paul Walker’s death! Rest In Peace, Paul 🙁 Seriously, quite sad about the recent news of his death, though something I saw on the net kinda consoled me a little. I would like to share it, too, I thought you fans might wanna hear it as well. He, Paul, said, “Don’t be sad if I die because of speed, because I was smiling”

2014 calendar paul walker  wallpaper

beyonce and tiger 2014 calendar wallpaper

carey mulligan leonardo dicaprio the great gatsby  2014 calendar wallpaper

heath ledger 2014 calendar wallpaper

jennifer lawrence hunger games 2014 calendar wallpaper

johnny depp 2014 calendar wallpaper

joker heath ledger 2014 calendar wallpaper

paul walker 2014 calendar wallpaper

hot women 2014 calendar

red hot beyonce 2014 calendar wallpaper

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