Winter sports and skiing in South Russia

Winter sports and skiing holidays in South Russia
Skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing during winter sports travel in Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai and Prielbrussije South Russia

Alpine ski resorts in the Caucasus region of southern Russia are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the climate, the quality of the snow and slopes, the beauty of the landscape and the Russian mountains are not inferior compared to the European ski destinations. Then we are talking not about the favorable price / performance ratio.
Skiing on the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai and Prielbrussije

In the mountainous district Sochi, 40 km. away from the Black Sea lies the beautiful Krasnaya Polyana – the unikale Russian ski resort on the slopes of the Caucasus. In summer the houses sheltered in green surroundings and in the winter they are covered with snow. Around reach witbesneeuwde peaks hope to the blue of the clear winter air. Nature here as in the Alps and so called Krasnaya Polyana often; “Russian Switzerland”.

The Caucasus is a paradise for winter sports

A fantastic combination of mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers make the Caucasus a paradise for winter sports. Skie, snowboarding, cross country skiing or other sports activities are fairytale adventures because of the impressive and picturesque nature. The soft mountain and sea climate tailor it even possible to sunbathe and a healthy color to do.
A season without end

The ski season here lasts from November to early June and so it is possible to ski to combine a stay on the beaches of the Black Sea.

Slopes far as the eye can see

Dombai is another popular place with a modern center for tourism and sport. A destination for skiers and mountaineers above. Prielbrussije (near the Elbrustop) is one of the largest ski areas in Russia. In the Baksan valley lies the National Park ‘Prielbrussije’ – the heart of the Caucasus. The main skizones of Baksandal the tops of the

Tscheger and Elbrus.

The Tscheger has one of the most difficult slopes in the world. The highest point for skiers and snowboarders reached, the station Gara-Baschi at 3780 m altitude.

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