Top Best Tourist Attractions in Florence

Top 5 tourist attractions of Florence

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and is one of the most historic cities in Europe. The city is at any visitor to Italy, while in Rome but top of the list. The city has many beautiful classical buildings, great museums, fabulous bridges, mountains, parks and much more. Read on for a top 5 most beautiful places in the city.

5. Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence with his built in 1345. The bridge has always been a place for retailers. In the beginning, this butchers, fishmongers etc. that their waste in the water could easily dump. Here in 1593 came to an end when the Medici certain that there are only jewelery allowed to settle. This gave the bridge course, additional status. This is still the case, still there are mainly jewelers on the bridge. But that was not just for the Medici, later there is even a walk across the bridge built exclusively available to them.

The Ponte Vecchio is a unique appearance. They look like floating houses, the bridge is really a shopping itself. Nowhere is there so unique bridge.

4. Piazza della Signoria

The most impressive city square is the Piazza della Signoria. In the middle of the square boasts the Neptune Fountain, a unique creation of the artist Ammannati, completed in 1575. A key building marble Neptune in this bronze fountain surrounded by the sea gods. The fountain was later by many sculptors as an example.

The square is also surrounded by many great historical buildings like the huge Palazzo Vecchio. This palace is a copy of the famous David by Michelangelo. The original is in the Accademia Gallery (see number 3 in the list). Another attraction is the Loggia dei Lanzi slype where many stunning images are displayed. A delight for the eyes!

3. Academy Gallery

Although the Accademia was really determined purely as a painter academy (then, the 18th century, the first in Europe), most people visit the gallery to see images of Michelangelo to behold. The paintings are in fact a lot less impressive as the world famous sculpture by Michelangelo, of course, with David as his masterpiece. The gigantic statue stood until 1873 for the Palazzo Vecchio, where now stands a copy as you may have read above. The picture is however more protection moved to the gallery, where since 1991 behind glass.

Other famous works are also in the Accademia Gallery are images of the four slaves who escape from their prison, the San Matteo and the Pietà of Palestrina.

Opening hours: 08.15-18.50 (July, August and September to 22.00)

Admission: € 6.50, € 3.25 price reduction

2. Galleria degli Uffizi

The Uffizi Gallery is located on the top floor of the Uffizi Gallery and contains a huge collection of classical sculptures and paintings from the late Middle Ages to the Baroque era. In summer, people often do 5 hours in line for the museum and this patience will be rewarded also. One gets next to the less impressive Greek and Roman sculptures, many world-famous painting can be seen with the heavyweights: The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello, Self Portrait as an Old Man by Rembrandt, Madonna with child and two angels of Fra Lippo Lippi, Madonna with the goldfinch by Raphael and Caravaggio’s Bacchus. In addition there are works like Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rubens and Michelangelo.

Tips: Think in advance what you do and do not want to go see, because it is almost impossible to carefully study all the works in the collection. It is also wise to advance to reserve a ticket (booking fee € 3.00) to avoid getting into a row of 5 hours afterwards.

The toegansprijzen and hours are the same as that of the Accademia.

1. Duomo

The Duomo was not finished until the 15th century, after construction had begun in the 13th century. This was because there was a problem in the construction of the dome. The dome had to be a large space to cover, which then can not be bridged architecture was. This problem was eventually solved by Filippo Brunelleschi. He used a revolutionary method to build the dome, causing the dome at that time a revolutionary piece of architecture was. Brunelleschi’s method was later used frequently, such as the dome of St. Peter in the Vatican. The dome will also be the most impressive part of the Duomo, he is all over Florence above all the buildings look like. At the top of the dome is the lantern. A lantern is an openwork crown of a dome, where light to invade. Under the dome is the lantern embellished with amazing Renaissance frescoes. The dome can also be climbed, after 463 steps you reach the top, where you have a fabulous view over the city.

The cathedral has 44 windows, with stained glass, which scenes from the Old and New Testament, the life of Christ and Mary portray. The interior of the church is also quite gloomy and the church is therefore known for its grandeur and the great dome.

Another highlight of which the city is easy to view the next to the Duomo, the Campanile bell tower standing. The tower is 85 meters high and the walls consist of white, red and green marble.

Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 Cathedral (Sunday 13.30-16.45), 08.30-19.00 dome

Admission: free cathedral, dome € 6.00

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