Most Popular Tourist Attractions of the home of Pisa Tower

Top 5 Places to visit in Pisa, Italy

Say the word Pisa and everyone immediately thinks that leaning tower. For this reason it is all worth writing an article about this fantastic place, because Pisa is much more than just who chewed tower just too skewed. In this article a personal top 5 attractions in Pisa, and I can already tell that this tower does not come in for.

5. Walls of Pisa

Pisa is still surrounded by a wall. This medieval wall dates from the 12th century and is considered one of the longest walls of the time. The walls surrounding the historic districts include Anthony, Santa Maria, San French Cesco and San Martino. Around the walls are some ancient ruins, including the Roman Baths of Nero, the Bagni di Nerone.

4. Borgo Stretto

Pisa also has its expensive streets. One of the most expensive streets Borgo Stretto. This street is located on the north bank of the Arno River and is a popular attraction for shoppers on expensive clothing. Also in the field of food, this street is recommended. Typical Italian specialties can be found in the many boutiques. Borgo Stretto is also famous for one of its old inhabitants, namely Galileo has lived in this street.

3. Marina di Pisa

Looking for some rest, the Marina is a beautiful place. It lies approximately 8 kilometers west of Pisa on the left bank of the Arno. You can relax on the beach, this town has beautiful beaches namely unwise. Not for nothing did the famous poet d’Annunzio his holidays here. Near Marina di Pisa is the park of San Rossore. This village is situated in beautiful pine forests.

2. Piazza dei Cavaleiri

Yet one of the most beautiful places in Pizza, Piazza dei Cavaleiri. The square is perfectly situated in the heart of the student district of Piza, and it is usually strewn with students. On this square stands the great Palazzo dei Cavaleiri. Here was once the Roman forum of Portus Pisanus, later Pisa. This square was in the Middle Ages the center of town, and city hall was located here. At the square you see also the Santo Stefano dei Cavaleiri, the only Renaissance church in Pisa.

1. Battistero

From this chapel, I was very impressed. The Baptistery is the largest baptistery of the world, and is located on the Campo dei Miracoli. The construction of the chapel began in 1152. John the Baptist, known many people, has designed this chapel and the chapel is therefore named after this man. The building has a perimeter of 107 meters and 55 meters high. Also known from the Duomo and the Campanile times in the bottom of the blind arches back. The centerpiece of the chapel is the pulpit by Nicola Pisano in 1260. Pisano was the principal Italian Renaissance sculptor and that is clearly reflected in this chair.

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