Largest & Most Detailed Map and Flag of Brazil

The population is a beautiful blend of cultures, each with their own tracks in the architecture left behind. Brazil also has the largest tropical rainforest and freshwater reservoir in the world: the Amazon region. Is also a wonderful addition Pantanel oerwoed.

For hundreds of years Brazil is known for its original tropical paradise, which is very appealing to the imagination. It is a country of mythic proportions of the passion for carnival to the immense size of the Amazon.

The country is not the garden of Eden, but it is a land of amazing beauty. There are whole pieces of unexplored rainforest, islands with pristine tropical beaches and endless rivers.

In addition, Brazil is also the land of carnival, samba and soccer. Brazilians love to dance, so be prepared for hh. Fortunately you can switch between the parties by optimally relax on tropical beaches and in the lowlands of the Amazon. Also diving and surfing enthusiasts in various resorts and islands can indulge.

Brazil has a predominantly tropical climate. In the north and along the coast the climate is tropical, the state of Roraima has a savannah climate, and in a steppe climate prevails east and the south has a subtropical climate.

Most wet season lasts from December to July. During the Brazilian winter (June-August) is the average of almost 20 degrees.

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