Philippines Photos & Sun, Sand, Sea

Philippines, one of the best destinations on earth to find the most pleasant of the three S (Sun, Sand, Sea).A precious friend of mine, Elvi, has just been to Philippines and enjoyed it a lot.And of course, she took a lot of marvelous photos and let me use her shots in my post and share it with you guys.You will find photos of Boracay, Manila and Tagaytay here in this post. And again, all the photos have been taken by her, and I would like to thank her a lot for letting me use the photos.


Now, let’s take an online tour at some of those amazingly beautiful vacation destinations in Philippines.

Beach walk at night, Philippines

Delicious Halo-Halo dessert of Philippines; For me, the best Halo-Halo is the one you get in Chow-King.Such a wonderful taste it is…

Fire dance on the beach at night, Philippines

Traditional transportation vehicles of the Philippines; Jeepneys

Front view of Mall of Asia at night; it was the biggest mall in the whole Asia, I just don’t know if it still is…

Palm trees on the gorgeous beaches of  Boracay, Philippines. Wonderful shot…

Paraw sailing; exploring new experiences in Boracay. Ah, look the color of the water…

Sandy beaches of Boracay, Philippines

How about laying on one of those sunbeds ?  (Boracay beaches, Philippines)

Traffic on the street, Philippines

Village house and horses, Tagaytay, Philippines.

Thanks my friend, again and again, for all these amazingly beautiful pictures of Philippines.Me and, I am sure, the visitors of my blog are so grateful with your generosity.

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