The Keukenhof; World’s largest flower garden

Our pride and joy, The Dutch say: the Keukenhof
The Keukenhof is a famous flower park northwest of Lisse. It attracts approximately 800,000 visitors from around the world.
On the 32 hectare park annually in the spring (late March / May until the end) bulbs from companies in the area displayed.
Do you have a flashy image of Japanese and woolly socks types for your eyes and go to the Keukenhof why not? Sin! This unique part of the Netherlands at least 1x because you have seen in your life.About the Keukenhof
The Keukenhof, which has existed since 1950, owes its name to Countess Jacoba of Bavaria. Countess Jacoba who lived in tiijd (15th century) in nearby Castle Teylingen. The ingredients (especially spices) for her kitchen but she removed from where Keukenhof is now. And voila, there was the name!

In 1840 the park was then reorganized and again a century later (1949), part of the estate converted into a flower exhibition. In 1950 the Keukenhof officially opened.

By now you will find here every year huge fields full of crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, lilies and other bulbs. To give you an idea of ​​size: the 32-acre park is home to approximately 7 million flowers!

Attention! The Keukenhof is open all year round. Only between March and May, the park opened. Watch for opening dates on

What can you do?
“Great, all the flowers, but after two hours you’re tired of it.” A bias where we create guilt, but what really is wrong! The park offers because more!

• Every day at 14.00 pm you on a tour for free. It starts at the Juliana Pavilion, and while walking through the park, a guide tells you everything you want to know. There is also room to ask questions.
• In the different pavilions are held every new flower shows. Unique to fans of a certain type!
• Want the Keukenhof and its surroundings – the beautiful bulb – discover by boat? Since 2009, it is possible to make a trip to a whisper. This sail environmentally friendly and almost silently through the area. This costs € 7.50 per person and the trip takes about 75 minutes.

• Cycling is not permitted at the park. However, the Keukenhof is a bike rental service. You can rent bikes along with six marked trails, and then explore the bulb.
There are also regular fun events and workshops you. For one year calendar, please visit the website of the Keukenhof.Kids & Keukenhof
For children, the Keukenhof is a fun day. Especially for the little ones an exciting quest, noting they learn about the different types of flowers. In addition, they learn how a flower from a bulb and what bulb is peeling.

Outside the quest, the park also has a playground with lots of climbing, a petting zoo and a maze. And they’re tired of all the playing, the park will offer special menus at restaurants.

Did you know …?
• … Keukenhof is the most photographed place in the world?
• … The original park was designed by the landscape architects also designed the Vondelpark?
• … you are in the Keukenhof also a photography workshop to follow?

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