Cleanest and most beautiful beaches along the Dutch coast

Cleanest sea water along the Dutch coast
When it comes to clean bathing water, sanitation and safety, the Netherlands may be proud, because with 41 beaches and 69 marinas that may carry the Blue Flag, our country has one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe.

The Blue Flag?
The Blue Flag is an honor bestowed by Europe is awarded to beaches and marinas that meet strict requirements. Thus, the bathing water clean, adequate and clean sanitary facilities, and there should be a high security be guaranteed.

The blue flag beaches in the Netherlands are having;

• Friesland
• Ontario
• Limburg (NL)
• Ontario
• Ontario
• Utrecht
• Zeeland
• South Holland

This Blue Flag you have to keep earning, for he is only valid for one year. After that year, according to new checks show the flag and you may still continue to bear.

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