Top Best 5 Fun Places in Netherlands

Netherlands: small country, big fun
Although Netherlands is a small country, the terms of parks for a day out plenty to offer. Zoos, roller coasters, amusement parks, rapids, the Netherlands all-rounder. We have the five best parks for you to put a row.

1. Walibi World
Walibi World is one of the largest theme parks in Europe and is known for its crazy roller coasters. The park has no less than seven roller coasters and has therefore been nicknamed Roller Coaster Capital of Europe.

Step into the dreaded Goliath (if you dare) and make a steep drop at an angle of 70 degrees. This roller coaster with its 46 meters height, length and 1.2 km at a speed of 106 km per hour was the highest, longest and fastest roller coaster in the Benelux. And during a terrifying ride in the El Condor hang at the bottom of the track. The cars reach a speed of 85 km per hour and go up five times on the head.

Of course, apart from the great roller coasters Walibi World has much more to offer. Step into the big wheel for a stunning view, pop up other cars in the bumper cars, experience the excitement of the whitewater course or enjoy one of the many other attractions the park has to offer.

2. The Efteling
It all began with the fairytale that was opened in 1952. This is the Big Ben one of the oldest theme parks in the world. Through the years the Village has expanded to attractions. Ride Vogelrok, ​​a completely indoor roller coaster in the dark or do you wonder at Fata Morgana, a tale from the Thousand and One Nights. Experience a thrilling ride in the Python or enjoy a flight by flight Dream.

Still, the enchanted forest still takes an important place in the park. What started with ten fairy tales has now grown to 25. All known fairy tale characters (such as Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Thumb and Sleeping Beauty) are represented. But lesser known tales such as the six ministers, the talking parrot and Indian water lilies here.

3. Duinrell
Duinrell includes an amusement park and a swimming pool, the Tiki Pool. In the park are many fun and exciting attractions. Step into the Splash and sail at high speed down the water. You can choose from an open boat or a boat closed. So you can choose whether you stay dry or wet. Keep your feet up in the whirligig to the spectacular fonteinen under you to dodge or turn, tolls and fly through the air in the Mad Mill disoriented and then again to get out.

In the Tiki are many slides as the Cyclone, Typhoon and Blits and Flash. Some slides may reach speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour. For less stress you in a rubber band Lazy River boarding and enjoy a trip across the water, past waterfalls and through dark tunnels. In good weather you can use the outdoor pool and sunbathing area.

4. Adventure Park Hellendoorn
This amusement park in the municipality of Hellendoorn was founded in 1936. It consisted of just a tea house with a playground. This is today extended to an amusement park where young and old can enjoy a full day.

Step into the Tornado high speed and then make a loop, do spend a thrilling whitewater course in Sungai Kalimantan, slide the whole family while facing down the super slide or try to find their way back into the Maze.

In the summer there are often fun and exciting shows to see in the theater. In the autumn and during the weekends in October the park is dedicated to Halloween and is blown shudder.

5. Artis
The most famous and oldest zoo in the Netherlands will not be missed in this list. The zoo has been around since 1838 and has greatly expanded over the years. Thus in 1882 the Artis Aquarium opened. Meanwhile, the aquarium was thoroughly renovated and reopened in 1997 with an extension of four giant aquariums. Accommodate these tanks include a tropical coral reef and the Amsterdam canals.

In 2002 Artis opened the Africa Savannah. Live here zebras, wildebeests, meerkats and other African animals in their simulated together, natural African habitat. Seeing the monkeys remains a favorite pastime at the zoo. Artis has a gibboneiland where your little monkeys with much skill does swing back and forth, a monkey and a rock macaque monkey house where orangutans live. Also in Artis a butterfly pavilion, insectarium and reptile house, but also lions, elephants and much more. Too many to mention. Maybe you just need time to look.

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