North and South India Vacation Spots

North India first?
North India offers an unprecedented variety of spectacular sights that you most during your first holiday India do not want to skip. This is the part of India where you at sunrise the gate passes and you have to face with the wonder of the world the Taj Mahal, your colorful scenes on the streets and along the river Ganges off will play and you sleep in charming havelis overlooking ancient forts and palaces.

Most holidays begin in Delhi India for good, affordable tickets. The best starting point for your North India travel, we find the city of Jaipur. This is a great place to be and much more fun (and relaxed) in order to start your journey than Delhi. You can start with an Easy Going straight to your arrival to Jaipur will bring. You can then choose the desert province of Rajasthan, where the brightly colored clothes contrasts with the pastel-colored landscape. Camels and castles the module introduces you to the highlights of Rajasthan.

After your experience of Rajasthan, Jaipur or immediately after, you turn right towards famous monuments like the Taj Mahal, you can not miss. Here you can use the module wonder of the world easy route to go traveling. East of Agra is yet another phenomenon, the mystical city of Varanasi. Here you should not do with this, the city’s many strong impressions that you will do and it is advisable to get a little to swing in India before going here.

A different side of North India and more off-road, found in the far north to the Himalayas to. The further north you come here the more you feel in Tibet and Bhutan to have ended. If you are traveling north from Delhi, the landscape changes at a rapid pace and making colored saris, sacred cows and forts place for monks in red robes, colorful prayer flags and monasteries. The provinces of Ladakh and Sikkim are easily combined with other modules in North India.

Delhi is also a great base for holidays to Nepal. Here you can do short blocks in the Kathmandu valley or combine it with the rhinos in the Chitwan National Park, a flight to Mount Everest or trekking in the mountains. You can then fly back to Delhi again.

South India: a combination of travel itself?

In northern India there are so many options that you can easily fill with many holidays. Yet it offers many options, southern India and through the jungle-green, wild-like national parks, tea plantations, temples and vibrant tropical beaches, a totally different world. Often it is nice to your journey north on a nice beach stop. You can use to Goa, Kerala and all the way to the Maldives from Trivandrum in southern India who have to fly.

South India but is also perfect for a trip in itself. Besides relaxing beaches are in Kerala, the most exotic state of India, many tropical nature. Here you sail a wooden houseboat through the backwaters palmomzoomde and along the banks of a jungle elephant. In Tamil Nadu you will find stunning images of colorful temples and sacred halls inside.

When you travel alone in this part of India it let you play, you can fly from Mumbai to Goa, then travel to the hinterland of Goa and then to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Connect your journey with a relaxing Ayurvedic massage.

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