This is why you visit the Algarve this summer!

That’s why you visit the Algarve this summer!
Escape the unpredictable summer to the Algarve. Traditionally, many European are looking for sun and sea during the holidays, the Algarve but offers much more than that. Adrenaline rush activities, spabreaks, golf vacations, events, festivities, you can not think!

Algarve – Summer Event Program
Allgarve the summer program of events for the region. The program was launched in 2007 to let visitors see the beach life and culture in the mix. The event program includes art exhibitions, classical and jazz concerts, cultural events, sporting events and beach parties with the ultimate ‘Nikki Beach, the beach club concept dining, fashion, music and entertainment together. More information about the program Allgarve? Visit

Zen in the Algarve
Are you in the Algarve you can sunbathe beside the long golden beaches, you also spend time relaxing in this calm and relaxing environment. Many of the resorts have their own spa facilities. For the adventurous, some space heaters also thalassotherapy, meditation sessions, Tibetan Buddhist centers and natural spa treatments of Monchique.

Coming to the Algarve for your health and looks? Then a trip to the hills of Serra de Monchique is a must. At 250 meters above sea level, in the midst of lush greenery, the spa of Caldas de Monchique found. The thermal springs with medicinal properties, it is the only spa in the Algarve that is recognized as a therapeutic center since Roman times – when the waters of this spa the ‘Sacred Waters’ were.

For nature lovers
The Ria Formosa Natural Park in the eastern Algarve, protects the shoreline and the sand banks where a wide variety of aquatic lives. By means of a trip by boat along the coastline get the chance to see the animal. During walks through the park you can also encounter flamingos and the famous Portuguese water dogs. The Serra de Monchique mountains and the Serra de Caldeirao in the northern region are also perfect for walking. This block protects the mountain climate in the Algarve and provides a mild temperature year round.

Golfer Paradise
The Algarve is also famous for the 36 world class golf courses. It is one of the most popular golf vacation destinations. The pleasant climate makes the area a golfer’s paradise, where national and international amateurs and professionals compete against each other.

Water sports and challenging activities
The clear blue waters of the Algarve are ideal for water sports, and more adventurous can enjoy windsurfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving and jet skiing. In the southwest of the Algarve is very popular for surfing the pristine coastline. With beautiful beaches, clear waters and point breaks that provide decent surfing waves all year round is the perfect place to surf for beginners and experts. For beginners there is a large selection of surf schools, more experienced surfers can surf along on trips.

Kitesurfing is also now very popular in the Algarve, Alvor and Faro are the best spots to get the hang of it. Meet in the estuaries and the ocean are not only beautiful, but also a safe area for surfing. Besides surfing you can also include horse riding along the coast or further inland towards the Monchique mountains – an area which is also very suitable for hiking, walking or jeep safaris.

Charming villages in the Algarve, such as Alte Alvor and are the perfect places to stop and the local cuisine, such as sardines or tuna steaks. And a cool glass of Portuguese vinho verde is taking great! The fish are a delicacy Caldeirada Cataplana and in the Algarve and the visitor should not miss.

Of the tuna steak in the octopus Tavira Santa Luzia: Algarve excels in seafood dishes. Also, local clams, oysters, squid and cuttlefish are usually on the menu cards, thanks to the fishing tradition in the region. A paradise for seafood lovers, the Festival do Marisco which is held annually in August, in the Jardim do Pescador Olhanense in the town of Olhão, just five kilometers from Faro. It is one of the most important gastronomic events in the Algarve, calendar, and offers local fishermen the chance to catch them to offer one of the hundreds of stalls in the fishing port. The combination of tasting the local cuisine, music and folkloric dancing provides a great atmosphere.

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