A Vivid Vacation in Porto, Portugal

Vivid Porto
The city of Porto is the largest city after Lisbon in Portugal. Porto is much less known than Lisbon, which is a shame. Because the city has everything you need for a successful city. We put the best of Porto for you here.

In 1996 the old town of Porto on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001 and put the city’s European Capital of Culture. Yet very few people know this vibrant city on the west coast of Portugal. 

What to See in Porto, Portugal ?
• Casa da Musica, a concert hall designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. The intention was that the building would be completed in 2001. In that year, because together with Porto Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe. Unfortunately this is not successful and construction was only completed in 2005. In the eleven-story building is next to a concert hall auditorium, restaurant, rehearsal room, café, music and terrace on the roof.
• Casa de Mateus is a beautiful mansion from the 18th century in Baroque style. The palace is surrounded by a park with a pond and a portion of the estate is open to the public. The rooms are still in original condition with furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries.
• Estação de São Bento railway station. The beauty of the station, the tiles (ceramic tiles on which are painted different scenes) in the hall of the station. Jorge Colaço made in 1930, this 20,000 tiles. The blue tiles depict the everyday life off Portugal.

• Igreja dos Clérigos. This 18th-century Baroque church was built by an Italian architect. The church has many baroque decorations on the exterior and the interior consisting of marble and granite.
• The Ponte D. Luís I was one of the bridges over the Douro River spans. In 1879 the government time to the suspension bridge to replace a steel bridge structure and this organized a design contest. The nearly 45 meters long Ponte D. Luís I became the winning design. 

What to Do in Porto, Portugal ?
• Spend a museum. Porto has several museums. We recommend Museu do Carro Eléctrico do Porto. This tram museum houses a unique collection of vehicles. Cars where many years ago was driving, can be visited.
• Visit Parque da Cidade. This popular park on the sea and has a fine beach. On the weekends the park is frequented by joggers, picnickers, sunbathers and surfers. The park also houses a tearoom and restaurant.
• Climb the Torre dos Clerigos. This tower can be missed. He reaches 75 meters above the city so it can be seen from afar. If you climb 240 steps to the top, you have a beautiful view over the city of Porto.

• Port tasting! Port of wine tasting can be at different locations. Taylor’s is the most famous winery. After one visit, where you learn everything about the history and preparation of this delicious drink, follow the best part, namely the taste.
• Walk through Ribeira. The Ribeira district is the ancient city of Porto and consists of many steep streets and narrow alleys. The district in 1996 put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In this area you can see the fishermen arrive and leave and you will find lively markets. Here you can experience the real life of the people of Portugal.

What to Eat in Porto, Portugal ?
If you like fish then you are good at Porto. In the port you can use the freshest fish straight from the sea, get on your plate. One classic is the dried salt cod, which almost invented in Portugal. Also, sardines, soups and stock pots are common dishes on the menus of the restaurants in Porto. 

Tip! Go to the Doura Ribeira Quay in the Old Town. Here you will find many nice and cheap restaurants.

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