New Zealand, Visit The Sites Of The Lord of The Rings

New Zealand, the setting of The Lord of the Rings
The spectacular landscapes of New Zealand provided a magical backdrop for the hit film The Lord of the Rings, based on the novel by JRR Tolkien. All three films of this trilogy were in a film session contained sixteen months by the New Zealand director Peter Jackson. We take you through the various “movie sets’ in New Zealand.

The film is set in the fictional Middle-earth country, consisting of forests, mountains, volcanoes, rivers and farmland. If these landforms were in New Zealand hands. In this magical and imaginative story revolves around a ring that the hobbit Frodo in his journey from the hands of evil must try to keep. The future depends on the ring. The visit of The Lord of the Rings movie locations is a hype, while many places are turning back to what it originally was, pure nature.

The hills of Matamata
In the Waikato farming region, east of Hamilton, formed the hills near Matamata setting for the Shire. In this landscape with its winding roads, fresh grassy hills, hedges and trees typical Hobbit Stee was created. In this quiet corner of Middle-earth to live the Hobbits, a race of little people with big hairy feet.

Unfortunately, many of the peaceful Hobbit Steelers in the original state. Hobbit houses were removed, sealed holes in hills, gardens and plowed sheep released. Alexander decided only sheep farmer on his land the Steelers Hobbit remains intact to make guided tours. He put so Matamata on the tourist map.

Climb Mount Doom
The volcanoes, jagged rock formations and arid landscapes of the Tongariro National Park provided a suitable setting for the macabre Mordor, the land of the dark prince Sauron. Here are images of Sam and Frodo’s journey through Mordor. Many shots are filmed at the Whakapapa Skifield, on the slopes of Ruapehu. The volcano Ruapehu in the Weta studios digitally altered to the looming Mount Doom, just as in the books of Tolkien’s put down.

Walk in the park the eight hours Tongariro Crossing with the necessary imagination and experience the mountain climb of Mount Doom. In this national park are also the scenes of Mull Amyn shot, one of the landscapes where the Fellowship went through. Ohakune, a ski resort at Mount Ruapehu was the location for Ithilien Camp. There in the Forest Waitarere the scene which included the eleven Aruwen with a severely injured Frodo on horseback galloping through the trees.

More national parks
In the immediate vicinity of the capital Wellington, many recordings. The Kaitoke Regional Park, just north of Upper Hutt, served as a film location for Rivendell and the Fords of Isen. This park is accessible via Highway 2. The exact film location of Rivendell is at the entrance to the park below.

On the north shore of Lake Wakatipu is the hamlet of Glenorchy is the gateway to Mount Aspiring National Park. Here are the scenes shot of Isengard (Glenorchy and Paradise), Lothlorien (in Paradise) and Itilien Camp (at Twelve Mile Delta). The mountains behind Glenorchy also acted as the mist mountains.

The rugged and beautiful mountains of the Kahurangi National Park in the northwest corner of the South Island offered memorable film locations. Served as Mount Olympus and the Eregion Hills, the rugged landscape south of Rivendell. On this rocky mountain travel association had to extinguish fires and are hiding from the crows of Saruman. Mount Owen is recorded for Dimrill Dale, where the Fellowship in a state of shock after the loss of Gandalf in the mines of Moria. Takaka Hill at the southern boundary of the Golden Bay, are scenes shot from Chetwood Forest.

The interior
Inland Canterbury Mount Sunday was the location for Edoras, the fortified capital city of Rohan. Edoras was on a cliff-like peak in the middle of a vast plain, surrounded by snowy mountains impassable. Mt Sunday is not reachable, but a sheep farm perched on nearby Mount Potts offers beautiful views. All the decisive battle of Pelennor Feels was filmed at the Ben Ohau High Country Sheep Station, on the foothills of the Southern Alps Twizel.

The Southern Alps Wanaka served as the Misty Mountains, which surround Riveldel. From the Waterfront Wanaka look out over the lake and the mountain peaks that formed the backdrop to the dramatic scene where Gandalf on an eagle flying along the rugged mountain peaks. The Ford of Browning, where the Black Riders in chasing Arwen and Frodo were overwhelmed by a flood tide, at two locations in Queenstown filmed. The steep walls of the Skippers Canyon formed the background. The foreground was shot in the gold mining town of Arrowtown.

Rafting on the Kawaray
In Kawaray river, which flows from Lake Wakatipu to Cromwell, his recordings for the River Anduin. You can raft along the recording site, where all the society columns of the Kings reached. Of course, these impressive images with the king computer. On the hilltop of Deer Park Heights in the scene where Gandalf recorded on his white horse to ride Minas Tirith. It was also the site of the rotation of the Warg attack on the refugees from Rohan, on their way to Helm’s Deep. You look the rock from which Aragorn in the river collapsed. There are many recordings made in the many lakes in the area of ​​Te Anau.

It alone search for movie locations is a difficult job. They are quite remote and only accessible by 4WD or helicopter. Hobbits and wizards in New Zealand you will not encounter. But the chances are one of the more than fifteen thousand extras to meet.

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