Lisbon, a fairy tale for tourists: Part-1

Lisbon, a fairy tale for tourists
The Lisbon region has everything a tourist could wish for: monasteries, castles, museums, restaurants, bars and lovely beaches. Throughout the maritime history can be found. Still, everything is dominated by the sea. Access is also plenty to do.

We leave to Obidos, a medieval town about an hour’s drive north of Lisbon. When we arrive, we’re pleasantly surprised: “It’s like a fairytale!” White houses on a hill, cobblestone streets lined with beautiful fragrant flowers and a castle with meters long walls. Until 1900, this walled city by many Portuguese Kings and queens paid to their wedding gift.

We explore the town and start at the Porta Vila. The gate is covered with 18th-century blue and white azulejos, tiles. We walk the main street, Rua Direita, a narrow and steep street with souvenir shops. Most have a high entry level, but actually you can see everything inside out for sale, such as braided porcelain. The street is so steep that I hardly dare to stop. “What is that great anyway Trax strong,” I say proudly. “And what am I glad I do not have to push,” says Tinus relieved.

Time has stood still
We stop at a bar to enjoy the local beverage ginja, cherry liqueur served in a chocolate cup. Halfway through the street, Santa Maria, an impressive church with azulejos walls and numerous paintings. The church is easily accessible. On the square near the church a number of beautiful old trees. I feel so relaxed and calm. It seems like time has stood still. Yet Óbidos with the times. In the center is an Internet café with disabled toilets. In the evening we check in at Hotel Real D’Óbidos. Again, a complete medieval scene, with swords and armor on the walls. Even the people walking in medieval clothing.

Beach garage
After a night sleep we go to the spa at the Marriott Hotel. We get a wonderful body treatment, but from head to toe. Complete oiled we are reborn out.

Then we go to the beach Baleal beach in Peniche. This beach is one of nearly thirty accessible beaches of Portugal. We park in the handicapped parking. I drive through a wooden structure on the beach and come from a changing room with an adapted toilet and shower. Here also includes a beach chair to stand. Unfortunately tells the lifeguard the summer season just ended. The beach wheelchair and the person who helps you when using the chair are both parked for the winter. “This is ridiculous, it’s mid-September. In the Netherlands, okay, but here. The weather is great! “I say indignantly. Despite my disappointment I enjoy the sunshine.

Horse and Fish
The next day we stop en route to Peniche, a small village, São Bernardino. On Campus Hipico we see a passionate, enthusiastic older man on horseback therapy gives way. Here children and adults with any limitation whatsoever, to use the horse to work, in order to feel themselves better in body and mind.

Far too late we arrive in Peniche. This fishing village is famous for its delicious fresh seafood. We get a lot of course, “all kinds of local food. After the ham, all fish. Of course we drink with every dish a different wine and we end up with port and sweet biscuits.

(In) dependence
With a full tummy, we drive to Lisbon. About a half hour later we arrive in the busy city. I really feel I fit the key in from the future have traveled. From the small cobbled streets to the wide roads full of cars, from the whitewashed cottages to huge and tall buildings. What a difference, but it does have a bit. Late in the evening we again enjoyed a delicious meal. Tired and bloated I mumble, “Good heavens, I can not. I’ve never been on one day and so far so good food.” “I do not need breakfast tomorrow, I know now,” says Tinus already rubbing his belly.

The next day indeed no breakfast. Unfortunately we say goodbye to the appropriate bus Accessible Portugal. Tinus and Pedro, the guide, get an ordinary bus with Europcar. The ramps David Player I ride the bus. Tinus lifts me from my seat to the passenger seat. It is a treasure and he does it with all love, but now I miss my car so my independence.

It is what it is and we will explore Lisbon. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal since 1255. The city is situated on seven hills. This makes the city very special and beautiful. It’s just not very convenient for us wheelchair users. Lisbon lies on the northern bank of the mouth of the Tagus, Tagus. One in ten Portuguese living in this multicultural city.

First we are going to Parque das Nações, the modern and well-adjusted part of Lisbon. For the Expo in 1998 was an industrial area. Now it is an outdoor playground for tourists, but also the inhabitants of Lisbon, will enjoy the restaurants, bars, sculpture gardens and riverside walks. You can also find the Oceanário, one of the largest aquariums in the world. Even though I prefer the animals in the wild, it’s still special to the sharks and flatfish from so close up. There is even a sunfish swimming around. To the aquarium are four tanks devoted to the ecosystems of the four oceans.

Disco Terrace
In the afternoon we take a boat trip on the Tagus. The boat ramp and disabled toilets. It’s nice to get the various parts of Lisbon from the water view. The boat is pretty slow and actually we have already seen, after an hour, while the total trip takes two hours. In the evening we go to a steakhouse. When we arrive at the front, we like, “What are we doing here?” But when we come back, we get excited. This is the terrace of the Tagus. Here you can relax, good food and night out you go on the disco roof terrace.

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