Top Caribbean Destinations For Cruise Vacation

Top destinations for Caribbean Cruise Vacations
To visit with hundreds of islands in the Caribbean, a popular cruise destination for many years. However, the Caribbean, far more than just a goal. In fact, in the “Caribbean” label, there are literally hundreds of islands and many ports from which to choose. Each of the destinations has a new and unique taste, and many cruises you want to show what they are all about. If you are considering a cruise in the Caribbean for your vacation, take a look at these top destinations for Caribbean cruise vacation.

The Bahamas are among the most popular Caribbean cruise destinations of all. The Bahamas offer an international flair, without being too foreign to English-speaking tourists. While a passport, have to travel to the Bahamas, once you get there, the environment is comfortable familiar. Many Caribbean cruises to Grand Bahama Iceland, anchor, where visitors can take advantage of shopping in Freeport and the opulent casinos and resorts in Nassau.


Bermuda is a pastel confection of an island famous for its pink sand beaches and pastel-colored houses. It is a popular port of call and Caribbean cruise destination with several cruise ships a day anchor in the St. George’s unforgettable shore excursions. Visitors to the island you can see a round of golf or a cruise on a glass bottom boat to the amazing underwater world around the island.

If you’re looking for nightlife with international flair, Aruba is the best place to visit. The small island is one of the more developed in the Caribbean, with top-shelf luxury resorts and flashy nightclubs and casinos. Daytime activities include surfing, snorkeling, diving and lying on their beautiful beaches. At night the resort comes alive with discos and nightclubs for those who are party to all night.

Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman, the largest of the Cayman Islands, is the best place in the Caribbean for spectacular diving and snorkeling. Just offshore, the land falls away creating some of the most beautiful and impressive underwater locations in the world. Grand Cayman is a paradise for shoppers, dozens of duty-free shops are along the roads. For those who want to enjoy the underwater world, there are cannot-miss shore excursions to snorkel, swim with stingrays or explore in a glass bottom boat, so that the visitor the landscape, are to enjoy without getting wet.

Germany Virgin Islands
Charlotte Amalie, the main town on St. Thomas is easily the busiest port of call in the Caribbean. The charming town is one of the most developed of the islands and offers a wonderful shopping, beautiful resorts and fine restaurants. Charlotte Amalie features almost 400 duty-free shops, the station of choice for those with serious shopping addictions. While St. Croix is ​​the largest in the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is much less developed, and shore excursions to St. Croix often visit historic sites or enjoy eco-tours and bike trips on the island. The third island, St. John, is the smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, and generally considered the most beautiful of all islands. A large part of St. John is next to the Virgin Islands National Park, making it an ideal destination for hikers and nature lovers.

Montego Bay
popular by the catchy, Montego Bay, Jamaica remains one of the most famous harbors in the Caribbean. Montego Bay is the second largest city on the island of Jamaica, famous for its white sandy beaches and cosmopolitan flair. It offers luxury resorts, world-class restaurants, golf courses and rowdy nightlife famous that are worldwide. A visit to Montego Bay, affectionately called M-Bay on the islands, and you will sing along with Bobby Bloom in his homage to the hypnotic island city.

Trinidad and Tobago
The small island nations of Trinidad and Tobago often neglected in the discussion of Caribbean destinations, but they are full of tropical flavor and fun. Trinidad is home to the steel drum that typical Caribbean music instrument with a distinctive tropical sound. Both Trinidad and Tobago have long distances great beach location for sport and leisure, as well as tropical rain forests for hiking and sightseeing. Trinidad Carnival is famous for its party atmosphere while Tobago is famous for its relaxed island tours.

The towns and islands on the list above are not the only targets for vacation cruises in the Caribbean is, but they should definitely visit on your short list of ports. There are many other islands and cities, visit your cruise, it can take some time to check over your travel route and select shore excursions on cruise destinations you most enjoy.

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