On Your Way To Travel Thailand: Part 1

When you step on your Thailand tours in the first morning from your hotel, you can feel directly the unique atmosphere of Thailand. Everywhere there is seething life and busy with activity. There are many small food stands with fragrant dishes, enthusiastic tuk tuk drivers, who do you all get back and the first stores are open again. But Thailand has a lot more to offer: you will be surprised by the colorful hill tribes of the north and the natural beauty of tropical rain forests.
The latter provide for many species of monkeys, wild elephants and rhinoceros birds a home. In the south there are many idyllic islands with white sand beaches and stunning underwater world. Because Thailand was never colonized, it could keep its own true nature. It is therefore not connected with any Asian country to compare.

Most of our Thailand tours and travel blocks are found in areas that are far away from mass tourism. We tried further to offer special accommodations such as Thai tree houses, floating houses, accommodation in mountain villages, bungalows on the beach and nights at a Thai family in Khon Kaen. Otherwise we can, of course, larger transfers with trains, buses and domestic flights, arrange for you and take care in addition to original accommodations on site.

Tuk-Tuk, Taxi & Co

Travel in Thailand is an adventure and travel is in itself relatively pleasant. The infrastructure is very good and you can choose from several traditional Thai Transfers. Travelling by public transport is well organized, the buses and trains to a fixed timetable. Moreover, it is a great way to look at the varied landscape. You will see that any transfer of Thailand has its charm. Try for example a Songtaew, a night train and a long tail boat from.

While we organize your trip through Thailand, the long transfers between cities and their components by plane, bus or (night) train. The other small transfers, you can easily be arranged on site. When you would rather we be able to book them for you.

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