British Virgin Islands of Caribbean: Part 2

The accommodations vary and are different budgets and tastes. Luxury hotels and resorts put their focus on superior service, while offering independent villas and apartments the opportunity to learn about local hospitality. Although there are no official fare classes, the visitor will find a wide range of front of hotels, apartments and villas of luxury to basic facilities. Three tents round out the choices.

The BVI’s are made of 60 islands, of which only a handful are inhabited. The largest is Tortola, home of the capital Road Town. Tortola is about 120 square kilometers and has about 16,000 inhabitants. The northern coast of the island is famous for its beaches and the southern coast, which lies at the Sir Francis Drake channel to all of Norman Iceland, Peter Iceland and the Pirate Island Dead Chest, several marinas, houses with hundreds of yachts, almost half of all available tourist beds represent the BVI’s.

Tortola is connected by a bridge to Beef Iceland, where the international airport. An efficient ferry service, sometimes a short hop with a prop, brings visitors to other islands such as Virgin Gorda and the magical coral island of Anegada. In contrast to the lush lush, mountainous nature of the other BVI islands, the 24 kilometers north-east island of Anegada, a limestone and coral atoll, which measures at its highest point is only good 8 feet above sea level. The surrounding of deserted white sand beaches island is particularly famous for its lobster and snorkelling.

This lure both coral reefs and shipwrecks of which are in some cases for centuries on the seabed. Other islands in the British Virgin Islands, for example Iceland Cooper, Ginger Iceland, Dogs, Great Camano, Iceland Necker, Guana Iceland, Iceland and Mosquito Eustatia Iceland.

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