Istanbul Photo Album Part 1/3

istanbul,bosphorus,turkey,boat,ship(A Bosporus view, Istanbul, Turkey)

bosphorus bridge,istanbul,turkey,sea,(A far view of Bosphorus Bridge during the Bosporus tour, Istanbul, Turkey)

bosporus tour,palace,bosporus,istanbul,sea,turkey(One of the amazing historical palaces throughout the Bosporus, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey)

palace,bosphorus tour,istanbul,turkey,historical places(Enjoying the spectacular views of Bosporus during the tour, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey)

mosque,istanbul,historical places,bosporus tour,turkey(A small mosque at Bosporus in Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey)

sun,clouds,boat,sea,sun rays,istanbul,turkey(During a boat trip throughout the Bosporus, Islands… A nice view of sun rays back there and silhouettes of the boats, islands. Istanbul, Turkey)

islands,bosporus,istanbul,sun rays,turkey,boat(And another one back there… Boat Trip, Istanbul, Turkey)

bosporus tour,istanbul,turkey,boat,sea

(Bosporus Trip continues on the boat, watching the waves, the bubbles, feeling the wind… Istanbul, Turkey)

bosporus tour,turkey,istanbul,boat,sailing

sultanahmet mosque,istanbul,historical places,turkey(Sultan Ahmet mosque; was built between 1609-1616, an amazing historical temple, abolutely worths visiting.A real gorgeous architectural master piece. Istanbul, Turkey)

obelisk,historical places,istanbul,turkey,sultan ahmet

(The Obelisk of Theodosius, so called “Dikilitaş” in Turkish, is the Ancient Egyptian obelisk of Pharaoh Tutmoses III reconstructed by the Roman emperor Theodosius I in the 4th century AD. It’s now in city center of Istanbul at so called “Sultan Ahmet Meydanı“.)

arabic scripture,mosque entrance,istanbul,turkey(An Arabic scripture at the entrance of a mosque, Istanbul, Turkey)

pigeon,istanbul,turkey,feeding pigeons

(While feeding pigeons… You may encounter these sweet things anytime in Istanbul.Especially in the garden of some Mosques.Many different kind of pigeons, and many different color…)

arabic scripture,ALLAH,istanbul,turkey(Another Arabic scripture meaning “Allah”, at the entrance of a mosque, Istanbul, Turkey)

sultan ahmet mosque,istanbul,historical places,turkey

(Fountain in the garden of Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey)

dome of sultan ahmet mosque,istanbul,turkey,historical places

(Amazing art work over the dome of Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey)

bosporus bridge,bosprus tour,sea,boat,istanbul,turkey

(Another view during Bosporus tour.Bosporus Bridge can be seen far away on the left side… Istanbul, Turkey)


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