Hello Friends…


Hello Friends,

First of all, I thank you very much for your attention on the web site.I am trying to write about the places that I have already been to and also the places that are worth visiting even if I haven’t been yet.I have been travelling over some countries for about five years.I have new plans to visit some new places and I will always will.I love travelling, it’s always been very exciting for me, seeing new things, having something new in my life… And I love writing and talking about the places that I have visited plus the places that are worth visiting.You might ask “So what?”.”Here I am” I will answer, I opened this web site as a result of what I have just mentioned.

The articles in the web site will generally be my own or articles which include my commentaries.I will always try to strength my articles with amazing visual objects such as photographs.These visual objects will be originally by me, especially the photographs, or some other sources.I plan to add new topics very often so you will find something new (articles, photographs etc.) in the web site when the next time you visit.

I plan to help all friends who try to decide where to travel, where to go for the nex vacation.Plus, I am sure friends who try to get information about the places such as cities, countries etc. all over the world will benefit a lot.Photographs and the information within the articles will not only be about touristic but also about historcal, social, economical etc.

I will be open for any kind of critics and advices from you all friends.Once more I want to thank a lot to everybody who support me with my effort.


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