Women Celebrity 2015 Calendar Printable Wallpapers Free

Hello everyone! How have you all been doing? I am sure most of you are quite busy nowadays. Well, it’s the holiday season. At least, in America it is. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year one after another. We’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving, actually, several days ago. How did you like your turkey meat? LOL Alright, here I come with a new post!

Lady Gaga black white dress calendar 2015


Those who follow my blog regularly might remember that I had created calendars having celebrities’ pictures, wallpapers on them last year. And this year again, I have already designed about 23 more of them. This year, I have chosen only women celebrities (seems to be more popular on the net). As to whom I chose, well, I check it online to see the most searched, or most popular, or most googled women – female celebrities and made my choices from among them. Lady Gaga, Kesha, Taylow Swift, Joanna Krupa, Kate Upton and so on and so forth.

lady gaga black dress hair calendar 2015


(Lady Gaga Wallpaper 2015 Calendar)

Like I said, they are all together 23 of them, so, I will have to divide it into two posts. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, then check the post right after this one. If you can’t find it there, either, then you could actually leave a feedback letting me know of you favorite celebrity and asking if I have a time to make one for you. I will most probably have the time for it, and get back to you as soon as possible. Alright, for now, enjoy what’s here.

rihanna black short hair calendar 2015
(Rihanna short black hair style, wallpaper calendar 2015)

rihanna red long hair wallpaper calendar 2015

(Rihanna long red hair style, wallpaper calendar 2015)

joanna krupa bikini wallpaper calendar 2015
(Joanna Krupa bikini wallpaper calendar 2015)

joanna krupa model calendar 2015
(Joanna Krupa model dress wallpaper calendar 2015)

kim kardashian long hair wallpaper calendar 2015
(Kim Kardashian long black hair style, wallpaper 2015 calendar)


katy perry long hair wallpaper 2015 calendar
(Katy Perry black long hair style wallpaper calendar 2015)

Katy Perry purple dress wallpaper calendar 2015
(Katy Perry purple dress black long hair style wallpaper calendar 2015)

kate upton black dress wallpaper calendar 2015
(Kate Upton long hair style, black dress wallpaper calendar 2015)

beyonce black dress wallpaper 2015 calendar
(Beyonce black dress long hair style wallpaper calendar 2015)




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