Changing Nutrition Needs and Diet During Travel

Nutrition requirements may change significantly when we go to another country. Locations often at altitude , the temperature is higher or lower , and the air is more moisty or drier than in the home country.

All these factors influence the needs, particularly while you still try hard for your diet program . Moisture losses are often significantly larger and the fluid intake must therefore be much larger . It should advance and take into account the disposal sufficient (sports ) drink is part of the logistics planning in order to avoid shortages.


Flying and Dietary Changes

Flying is another problem . During longer flights fluid losses can occur, which is substantial and therefore measures should be taken to avoid dehydration. So drink ! At the same time as a traveler you probably want to sleep and too much drinking means that you often have to get up to go to the toilet go . So drink well , but not excessively . The amount of drinking offered on the aircraft is very limited . It is therefore advisable to buy a bottle of water ( or other beverage ) at the airport ( after passport control ) . Water , soft drinks and sports drinks are better than coffee, tea , and alcoholic beverages .

These latter include diuretics ( caffeine and alcohol ) and thereby boosting moisture loss . However, it is better to have coffee or to drink tea than nothing.

Nutrition and Dietary Hygiene

The traveler often depends on the food that is served in planes, trains , hotels and restaurants and the food choices are somewhat limited. In some countries there are more Serious problems in food hygiene, and a lack of pure water . Gather your good information in that area before you go through For example, the Public Health Service , team physician or sports dietitian. In that kind of situations, it is important to plan ahead and have sufficient snacks to take ( energy bars , etc. ) and with only bottled water to drink.

When you go to a training or competition where food hygiene can be a problem then it is wise to contact a sports dietitian for proper planning to contact create and be best prepared .

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