The Most Beautiful Of Malta Island; Photo Album

We have selected and re-designed the a bunch of the most beautiful photos of Malta Island and ready to share it with our precious visitors.

Malta is barren and rocky with little natural vegetation. From the southwest to the northeast is the island diagonally. On the west coast there are some beaches.

Malta has a Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild winters with 15 degrees still very pleasant. Snow and frost are unknown in Malta.

Malta has a mythical aura, you will find there medieval dungeons, narrow cobbled streets, Norman cathedrals and baroque palaces. The countryside is dotted with the oldest buildings still in existence.

Malta is very good at selling its romantic history of the Copper Age temple builders from the celibate knights of the Crusades, and they use this history to the tourist industry to launch. The island is not (yet) ruined by big ugly hotels.

Spend your holiday in Malta may be fine in the spring or autumn, in summer it is hot. You will find a bright sun, clear sea and beaches in the west and north, along with attractions such as the 365 churches, cathedrals and temples. This makes Malta an ideal country for a nice vacation.

In Malta there is a balance between modern convenience and local charm. You will find comfort at a lower cost than similar Medi Terri Tibetan holiday destinations.

A Map of Malta Island showing the touristic attractions; It’s a large size photo, simply click on it to view the original larger size, or just save it into your computer.

One of the natural wonders of Malta Island; Azure Window of Gozo.

The Oldest Pre-historic temples of Europe, Hagar Qim temples of Malta

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