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Most popular night life destinations in Hamburg; Best bars, pubs and clubs…

Hamburg, with its more than 1.7 million inhabitants the second city in Germany. The port is very modern and progressive. The nightlife is the  high priority. With its many small bars and modern clubs in Hamburg in terms of offering a unique nightlife.

Who says Hamburg, saying the Reeperbahn. This entertainment street is the red light district of the city has an international reputation and this is not without reason. The Reeperbahn is located in the St. Pauli district and is characterized by its diversity. You will find both elegant theaters, lively bars and clubs as groovy as befits a red light district you will also strip clubs. Closing times are very flexible and most bars will only close when the sun shines again.

But Hamburg is not only the Reeperbahn. In the trendy district of Altona finds a younger, hipper audience than on the Reeperbahn. The district has numerous cocktail bars, hip clubs and lounge bars. It is this variety of entertainment in both the Reeperbahn as Altona is very important that you know your way can be found in Hamburg, so we have compiled a list with the best clubs and bars:

Most popular Clubs in Hamburg

Golden Pudel Club

This cozy club attracts a cool and hip crowd to the small dance floor thumping. The small club is located in an old, but very cozy building, creating a unique atmosphere. This cozy, underground atmosphere contribute to the lack of dress code-using widely varying musical styles, from electro to reggae, too.

Transport: S-Bahn to Reeperbahn

Club Grosse Freiheit 36

One of the most famous clubs of Hamburg. Greats like the Beatles, Prince and Moby have performed here. The club has a very wide variety of theme nights so there is something for everyone. Find out in advance what is the theme of the evening before you visit the club, otherwise you some unpleasant surprises.

Transport: S-Bahn to Reeperbahn

Best Pubs in Hamburg

Bar Rossi

Rossi Bar is the cocktail of Altona and a perfect place to lounge. The crowd is young and fashionable and enjoys a very pleasant atmosphere of a cocktail. The bartenders are real artists and you can mix any cocktail you can think of. Bar Rossi has a very modern design with deep leather chairs, red walls and large windows.

Transport: S-Bahn to Holst Strasse or Sternschanze

Mandalay Bar

This hip bar is popular for many years to the bars of Hamburg. It is mostly house music, which the audience of mostly middle-thirties through the night dancing.

Transport: S-bahn to Feldstraße

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