Five days backpacking in Torres del Paine, Chile

Five days backpacking in Torres del Paine
Travel stories – Kim: “The most beautiful stars in the world can be found in Chile. Actually, the whole nature in this beautiful country. During our backpacking trip we really seen the most beautiful places. ”

The first night we’re in a real backpack hostel. Full of young people and busier than we are accustomed. Fortunately we have a room for both of us. But it will definitely be the last night. Tomorrow we leave for five days to the national park, Torres del Paine.

Day 1 in Torres del Paine
With a van we head to the National Park. Once off the bus, we actually right back into. There is a very strong wind and it’s very cold. The wind cuts to your ears. After crossing by catamaran we begin our first kilometers in the park. The first part runs through a lush green valley, where you at ease to get used to the small climbs. After two hours walk we leave the forest and we are suddenly at the top edge of the lake, Lake Pehoe. In the distance, the Grey glacier all to see, and it just seems that we no longer have to walk further. Because we are at the top edge of the lake walk, the wind do its work here undisturbed. We are almost blown of the path. As time passes that we are not nearly as close to the glacier as we thought. Finally we a sign say ‘Even 20 minutes at refugio Grey. Totally tired we arrive at our refugio (hostel).

Velvet clouds and sunset
After a lovely peaceful night we begin our second trip. There’s a beautiful day dawned and the wind seems to lie. Halfway, at the highest point, the wind gets up again and we are almost blown the path. A nice advantage of the wind is that it creates beautiful long velvet clouds. Although we run the same route as yesterday but it all looks different. You look like everything from a different position. Once at refugio Pehoe we first put our backpacks in the room, and then something to eat. At the dawn of the sunset, we soon climbed a mountain to relax and sit down to enjoy.

Green and overgrown
After a good night sleep to have, we leave Los Cuernos. During the first 2.5 hours we Lago Nordenskjold on our right. It could hardly be otherwise, because the route runs along almost half of this very large lake. On the left, we look out on large, high granite cliffs. Of ice and glaciers is little to notice. We do have a view of a waterfall cascading from high in the mountains. Because we now run parallel to the lake, nature here is very green and overgrown. If we are nearly halfway through, we need a bridge to cross a wild river. Quite exciting!

Opposite is a rangerhut, where we leave our backpacks and then without backpack, but armed with a camera, to the valley. It’s a steep climb up where we follow the wild river. At the highest part of the valley, we had a magnificent view over almost the entire park. After some pretty pictures to have shot we continue our journey back to our backpacks and third refugio.

Painted landscape
When we get up and look out a radiant sun shines. We leave for our last night site. Along the way we have many varied landscapes. It begins with a climb up towards the valley, from which we have a nice view of Lake Nordenskjold.

The further we walk into the valley, the farther away we get from the ice and glaciers. It looks like someone has painted the landscape, many species of plants are included in this piece of nature. The track is definitely not super heavy and it only gets better in proportion as you get to the actual “beginning” is. We have today’s route in the opposite direction which is run. If you do it in the right direction over, see you all the best in the beginning.

Carratera Austral
After a trip across the lake Lago Carrera we arrived in Coyhaique place. We stay here a night and rent a car. The route we ride with our fantastic 4wd pickup truck called the Carratera Austral. It seems one of the most beautiful trails on earth. The landscape varies so greatly from glaciers, snow, crazy tall trees in the rainforest, where everything is green and overgrown mega. One drawback: there is no asphalt. The dust can go wherever it crawls.

That night we stay in Puyuhuapi, a German settlement founded in 1937. They have the most beautiful sky I have ever seen. So many stars, not normal.

A glowing volcano at the foot of Pucon
The next day we go to the place Chaiten, where we fly to Puerto Montt. Finally we take the bus towards Pucon. This place has something of the Costa Brava and Val Thorens. In any case, it is very touristy, and very hectic after our adventures in the inhabitable world. Luckily we find a great hostel, overlooking the volcano! There is smoke day and night when it is clear, you see it glow. Quite a bizarre volcano near the center of the village. The rest of the day we do it nice and easy, bit of shopping, good food and socialize with people we had also previously been encountered.

Santiago de Chile
The next day we stay with a relative in a quiet and nice residential area just outside the city of Santiago de Chile. We direct all the highlights of the city a visit. The weather here is gorgeous, 30 ° C After all the highlights of the city have seen, we took the subway to what the ‘lesser’ neighborhoods gone. What many label as dangerous to our little set. We do not really feel threatened.

On our last day we visit the port town of Valparaiso, by bus. Public transport is perfectly arranged. For trips outside the city used special long distance buses.

Valparaiso is spread over a mountain overlooking the sea. I can not describe so well, but here you go ever! So many colorful houses I’ve ever seen. And so many European influences, German, Norwegian and baroque. Our bed & breakfast is very cute and sweet. It’s a pink house with an old granny as the owner. You got some idea of ​​a monastery-like. But it all looked good. The house even had a rooftop terrace where the evening and the journey we have with a glass of wine and a bag of chips. I think that from there the best view of the city had.


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