Vacation On The Most Beautiful Hawaii Island, Kauai

Aloha! Welcome to Kauai
Kauai is sometimes described as the most beautiful island of Hawaii. You’ll understand why after you’ve been. This green paradise is provided with beautiful white sand beaches, waterfalls and rainforests. An ideal holiday destination for anyone who can appreciate a beautiful nature.
Tropical Islands
Hawaii is one of the 50 U.S. states. You can find over 120 small islands and eight main islands, located in the Pacific. Hawaii is the northernmost point of the Polynesian triangle, the other points are New Zealand and Easter Island. The main islands of the Hawaiian archipelago are (from west to east) Ni’ihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kaho’olawe, Maui and Hawaii. The latter is also known as Big Island, Hawaii is in fact the largest island of the archipelago.

The climate of Hawaii is fairly constant and temperature are scarce. There are only two seasons: summer (May to October) and winter (from November to April). In summer the average day and night temperature about 29.4 ° C and 19.4 ° C in winter is 26.6 ° C and 15.6 ° C.
The Garden Isle
The oldest and northernmost island of Hawaii is Kauai. It is also the fourth largest island in the archipelago. Kauai is nicknamed the Garden Isle, or the garden island. The island owes its name to the outrageous nature on this island. Thanks to the heavy rainfall on this island because it is very green here.

The capital of Kauai’s Lihue, however, most tourists go to towns and Kapaa Kauai. Here are the best sandy beaches and some nice hotels.
Excursions & Sights
Besides relaxing on the lovely beaches on Kauai you have a lot of other things.

• Move along the Wailua River, the only navigable river in Hawaii, a jungle-like landscape and come include waterfalls and lakes. Visit the Fern Grotto. This cave, a natural cavity in the rock, is completely overgrown with ferns. Very fascinating!
• Fly in a helicopter along the coast Na’Pali equipped with cliffs that more than one kilometer high vertical rise and see a landscape that was the setting for movies like Jurassic Park. Discover the many waterfalls that hide in the mountains between December and April and see whales swimming off the coast.
• In Poipu find a so called blowhole (the Spouting Horn): a hole in the rocks so that each large wave of water as a geyser from the hole being ejected. Fun to see!
• Walk through the Grand Canyon of the Pacific “, the Waimea Canyon. The gorge is about 1,100 m deep, 3.2 km wide and 16 km long. You can see rocks in all existing earthy colors from orange to red to purple and pink.

Hawaiian cruises
For anyone who can not sit still and be happy doing something active on holiday, there are a lot of sports on Kauai. A few examples are:

• Diving and snorkeling. Discover the underwater world of Kauai, even without diving. Swim between the sometimes rare, fish and see the beautiful coral reef.
• Cycling. Flat roads and a few large hills of Kauai island to get a good bike. There are many different types of cycling trips, bike through the Waimea Canyon to the coast. For everyone from beginner to advanced, there is a suitable bike!
• Golfing. There are a number of golf courses on Kauai, including Poipu Kiahuna Golf Club, Wailua Golf Course in Lihue and Poipu Bay Golf Club in Koloa.
• Kayaking. Boating in a kayak on the Wailua River and is one with nature.
Practical information
The time difference to the amount of tips you should give, here’s the important practical information about Hawaii.

• The currency in Hawaii is U.S. Dollars.
• It is normal in restaurants and taxis to tip 15%.
• The official language is English.
• Hawaii is eleven hours behind the Netherlands.
• It is best to wear light cotton clothes in Hawaii. A sweater is not bad in the evening and buildings with air conditioning. An umbrella and a raincoat are also better than with shy shy.

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