Vacation In The Caribbean; Jamaica

Jamaica at a glance
Looking for the perfect holiday? Jamaica is the place to be!

The first image that comes to people when they think of Jamaica is a beautiful bounty land with palm trees, white beaches and azure sea. This image is right! Jamaica is perfect for diving or the underwater world with a snorkel to view. It is always nice and warm and a cool breeze blowing.

Yet this island in the Caribbean more than that. Two thirds of the island is mountainous. There you can pretty crevasses hidden cavities and underground rivers discovered. Do a walk or jeeprit through this area, you should definitely go through the famous Black River.

Jamaica has about 2.8 million inhabitants and is in good company. Neighboring countries are Cuba and Hispaniola. The official language is English, but most locals speak Creole Patois language. Holidaymakers can enjoy the reggae music on the island while enjoying a glass of rum. This is one of the most exported products of the country, next to banana and sugar. Jamaica is also famous for its rasta culture. Rastafarians have a distinct lifestyle and conspicuous by their dreadlocks.

For most cultural activities, a tourist in the cities. Kingston is the capital of the island. There are all government buildings, the Kings House, originally the residence of the Bishop of Jamaica and was Tuff Gong International, the famous studio of Bob Marley. Also Mandeville, with its church and oldest golf course on the island, and the harbor of Port Antonio are worth visiting.


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