Travel Highlights; Western Australia

Pure solitude
Travel stories – Elizabeth: “Who wants to know what it’s like to really be alone, to agree on his own to Broome (Western Australia) start …. in low season. For the laymen among us: this is the period from December to March. It is wetseason in those parts and incredibly hot (between 38-45 degrees) and muggy. “

Now you think: what should I do?! I can imagine it … want something out of the ordinary, challenging yourself and above all peace and solitude, you have to take a look. I must say that I more or less by accident came during that period. My whole trip was completely unplanned and Australia that made it all very exciting. But now I’ve been there and that feeling of the-whole-language such-for-you-have felt alone, I recommend it anyway.

The beaches of Broome
I decided in January to fly to Broome, a small town in northwest Australia, once famous for pearl fishing. The town itself is now not the biggest reason to go to Broome, or the famous Cable Beach and the northern beaches.

I decided to book a trip along the most isolated beaches of Australia. The bartender of the hostel, a true born and bred Western Australian, we left with a small group to the beach north of Broome. We rode in a 4wheel drive and the road met anyone. And yet it was one hour and a half away!

Swimming in Sweat
During the trip we caught a few fish from the sea (including a reef shark) and we have a number of wild horses and wrecks encountered. We also saw a really large Gould’s monitor (a type of lizard) in a puddle of water was to warm. By a factor of 30 you should have twice an hour rub so hard you stand to sweat, which would be around 40 º C.

No one around you!
Go swimming during that period many box jellyfish (jellyfish) off the coast, so you should not water. Nature is beautiful: lagoons filled with fish and the orange-red sandstone cliffs at the edge of the beach. For the rest you really nobody around you. No people, no cars, just you and your group of people. So you can see what feeling it gives when you really just moving in that direction, past all those miles of beach … Our guide said he agreed with a naked girl in his three days camping on the beaches and no one has seen. How special is that?

But it’s not all glamor. He also said that a lot of tourists have lost their cars because they are too far it went into the sea. You also have no mobile coverage: So with car trouble, no rationing and the sun full on your pan, the only on-the-world feeling like you might experience some dearly.

Later that week I went to Cable Beach to the dunes to explore. This beach is famous for her beauty throughout Australia. They have really amazing sunsets there and you may even experience a camel, some of that gift gives Kodak moments with shades of you and that beast to the edge of the beach.

All in all a great experience and so awesome, Broome and The Northern Beaches. In the low season!

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