Diving in Indonesia; Divers’ Paradise

Diving in Indonesia
Indonesia is the largest with over 17,000 islands archipelago in the world. It is also different in 4000 rich invertebrates and has 80,000 km of coastline. Indonesia has a tropical climate and its amazing underwater scenery is the perfect place for all diving enthusiasts. You can swim in the clear waters of Raja Ampat, remote underwater world of Banda admire or an old Japanese freighter from World War II in Flores behold. If you plunge in Indonesian waters have made you forget never again!

Natural and pure
The Banda Islands are also known as the Spice Islands. Because this Moluccan islands are so remote and so few inhabitants, there is almost no fishing. This leaves intact the beautiful underwater world and can retain its beauty. Various creations are on display. That’s how you protect sea sponges and hard corals, but also colorful mandarin fish and the Ambon scorpionfish (which looks very much like seaweed) can be spotted here. Dolphins, orcas and other whale species occur in these areas are also common. Banda is clearly an area where plenty of beautiful things to see, but which also no shortage of colorful coral life.

Underwater paradise
Raja Ampat is part of the Indonesian province of West Papua and consists of 610 islands. The large array of coral and the beautiful scenery below and above water, this place is undoubtedly one of the top dive destinations in the world. This underwater paradise has more than 75% of all coral species in his possession. This enormous diversity of corals provide good shelter for many rare species.

Here all alone
If divers here all alone and the world want to be removed, then the small island of Alor find the perfect place for that. This island with its pristine environment located north of West Timor and is known as an absolute top destination for divers. What you can come to fish is quite surprising. There are occasionally hammerhead sharks, whales and spotted Marlins. Also, sharks, barracuda, tuna and turtles are on display.

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Wreck Diving
The Indonesian island of Flores is really a paradise for divers with a penchant for shipwrecks. It seems that this fact imposing a Japanese freighter from World War II overgrown with coral on the bottom of the sea. Except Flores lies northwest of a small island Bali, Menjangan where a huge wooden ship from the 19th century can be admired.

In short, Indonesia is a paradise for the true diving enthusiast!

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