A Brief Visit; What to see in California?

California briefly
Looking for an exciting and extremely varied destination for your holiday? California is the place to be.
California is a long, stretched state on the West Coast of the United States. The state has over 36 million inhabitants, and thus has the largest population of the United States. In area is California’s third largest state.

The capital of California is Sacramento, and the largest cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose. Nice detail: the governor of California is a former actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The famous American state is a state of extremes. In the north it is hot and rainy, very hot in the south. The lowest and second highest point in North America are located in this state, and also the thickest and highest trees in the world living here. The second hottest area in the world, Death Valley, is also located in California.

Lowest point in California Death valley

California has many famous tourist attractions including Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Sierra Nevada (a mountain range 650 km long), dolphinarium Seaworld, former prison island of Alcatraz and Venice Beach. A portion of Venice Beach Muscle Beach is named because of the high attention level of fitness / bodybuilding.

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You also have many national parks in California (like the famous Yosemite), nature reserves and other natural phenomena. A tour of this state is therefore a favorite with tourists. That way you can make your holiday as varied as you want!

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