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International health insurance

The conclusion of an international travel health insurance is required in any case. Private insurance, however, should examine whether its existing health insurance coverage is adequate. Also, a travel health insurance coverage is in part already have credit cards (“Gold Card”), check here but in any case, the policy conditions before traveling in compliance with the following general information so as not to inadvertently fall into an insurance gap.

International health insurance in Germany are quite inexpensive. 14-day holiday at a more than “pay” usually have an insurance policy for the whole year (little more expensive). Travel health insurance are placed individually by insurance companies, so there is in contrast to other health insurers in Germany does not broadly common policy conditions. An insurance comparison is advisable in this case, the local consumer advice and the Stiftung Warentest helpful.

It should include, in particular,

whether pre-existing conditions are excluded (the disease occurs again during the trip, you’re not insured). Often this is the feature of “unpredictability” is crucial. The International health insurance pays principle, only in case of unforeseen illnesses. The distinction is not always easy. For example, the OLG Hamm, Az 20 U 44/00, decided in 2001 that for an event occurring during the trip herniated disc, which leads almost to immobility, a medically wayward repatriation must be paid even if a similar incident a week before the Travel already occurred and to travel again subsided was, for herniated discs must always be reckoned with sudden relapse, but when they actually occur is unpredictable;

including whether and under what conditions a repatriation is (usually have on-site by a physician the need for onward transportation to be certified). Some insurance companies pay only when a return “medically necessary”, umproblematischer is the clause that allows a return, “if a physician deems it useful. Incidentally, the insurance companies in Germany, a return to pay principle, not even from countries other than the U.S.;

really insured for which time to disease benefits (insurance coverage may end as 2 weeks of illness, so that will be under continued disease itself has to be paid).

is the duration for which insurance coverage. In general, only holidays to be included with a period of 40 to 80 days in the insurance. For longer trips the insurance cover is considerably more expensive;

whether a 100 percent cost recovery is guaranteed only if the phrase “medically appropriate and medically acceptable”;

no limitation of coverage such as chronic illness or because of an age limit (often offered insurance only until the 65th or 70th year) takes place.

The International health insurance will compensate the insured only the medical expenses incurred These must be paid locally. Even to hedge this risk, therefore, the driving of a credit card issued by doctors, hospitals, etc. readily accepted sense.

Paid particular (service catalog):

Free choice of doctor or hospital

the doctor prescribed medicine, bandages and medicines

100% reimbursement of

outpatient medical treatment, diagnostic radiology and surgery,

Analgesic dental treatment and simple fillings, repairs of dentures

Hospitalization (medical services, equipment, accommodation, meals)

Transport to the nearest hospital by emergency services

prescribed by a doctor or required medical transport to the hospital in the City

Repatriation in case of death or burial abroad (usually to 20,000 DM and 10,000 DM for Europe).

Those who participate in organized sports should first check whether the insurance protection it offers.

Make sure to get a detailed account. You must include the date of treatment, diagnosis, and the fee. The health insurance companies expect only fully completed and translated from certificates. Keep the original receipts for medical treatment in any case and get on expensive medical procedures, reimbursement of costs previously confirmed by fax.

Warning: if you complete an annual insurance policy is this for several trips a year. However, the individual must travel usually last no longer than 40 to 60 days (check the insurance conditions).


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