The Bosporus, At The Connection Point of Two Seas

The Bosporus Strait, connection point of two seas, Marmara Sea and Black Sea, is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Turkey both by International tourists and local tourists.Just another wonder of Istanbul city which was ruled by and was once capital of many ancient civilizations such as Romans, Byzantium, Ottoman Turks.

As you cruise the 20 mile length of Bosporus, you will be able to see many relics of these ancient times; Palaces, fortresses, ruins, grand houses, mosques, villages, gardens that any of them worth exploration one by one.During the cruise, you will feel like passing through a time tunnel which has relics and scenes from thousands years back, besides all scenic natural views while, maybe also, some sea gulls are accompanying your magnificent tour.

It is also the only location on earth that connects two continents, Asia and Europe.Something you could never have at no where on earth, looking at two continents at one sight, being right at the connection point of Europe and Asia.Of course, this geographical feature of the city is something you could sense all over the city during your visits.Cultural outcomes of being at the connection of two continents.Oh, yes, also connection point of two seas, Black Sea in north and Marmara in South and ‘You’ in the middle; even the thought of it is exciting ah…

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