Dubai, From Desert To A Paradise: Part 1

Dubai; home of skyscrapers, best samples of modern architecture, largest buildings in the world; not so long but only 15 years ago it was just city on desert which was not known by most.And today, Dubai is too far from the way it was about 15 years ago.Now, it’s amongst the most visited places in the entire world, a tourism and commerce center.A city on desert which offers you everything; a city, from desert to paradise.Dubai; The miniature of the world.

emirates aeroplane burj al arab,dubai,hotel,uae,fly emirates

Within Part 1 and Part 2, I will introduce you the “must see places of dubai” by sharing good quality photos.I will share 56 very good quality Dubai photos, which is, I am sure, amongst the largest Dubai photo albums on the net.I will also mention hotels, transportation, flight rates, prices etc.

Transportation & Flights to Dubai…

I think, Fly Emirates is the best way to fly to Dubai.Fly Emirates has really a very good quality.I have never regreted of choosing it.Besides its reliable quality, the flight rates are cheaper than most others.Plus, because of being Dubai’s own company, Fly Emirates always has offers and economic tours to Dubai.So, check the web site.

You could also check flights of Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines.They are also to provide good quality flights to Dubai.

dubai international airport,dubai,airport,uae,emirates

(Dubai International Airport; From my second trip in August 2006)

Hotels in Dubai…

Hotel rates in Dubai starts from about 75 Dollars per night and goes up to ten-twenty thousands and more per night.I will give you information about hotel rates starting from economic ones.

Rates for Dream Palace Hotel in Dubai starts from about 75 dollars per night.It’s amongst the lowest hotel rates in Dubai.
Rates for  Admiral Plaza Hotel starts from 120 Dollars and goes up to 430 Dollars per night.It’s air conditioned, it has swimming pool, health club, wireless internet, satellite television with DVD players etc.You could check its web site for more information and reservation.

Shangri La Hotel in Dubai is amongst the nicest Hotels in Dubai and rates starts from about 285 Dollars per night.(See the photo below)

shangri la hotel in dubai,dubai,hotel site,uae,shangri la,night,wallpaper

(Shangri La Hotel, Dubai, UAE)

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is amongst most known and most popular hotels in Dubai.Hotel Rates of Jumeirah Beach Hotel starts from about 430 dollars.It’s really a very nice hotel and located at a gorgeous place.(See the photo below)

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Site Dubai,Jumeirah Beach Hotel,beach,dubai,hotel,UAE

(Jumeirah Beach Hotel Site, Dubai, UAE)

And the only seven stars Hotel in the world; Burj Al Arab, which is also the fourth tallest building in Dubai.The rates of Burj Al Arab Hotel starts from about 1500 dollars.You could click this link for details and also for live chat.This iconic building is absolutely also amongst “must see” places in Dubai even if you can’t have the chance to stay in.

burj al arab hotel,dubai,burj al arab,uae,hotel,woman on beach,woman,sunset,wallpaper

(Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE)

Now let’s see more and more photos of Dubai, The City of Wonder, The Miniature World:

wonders of dubai,boat,uae,photos,united arab emirates

(Wonders of Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

traffic on dubai street,uae,dubai,traffic,city,photo

(Traffic on Dubai street, UAE)

tiger woods villa in dubai,dubai,villa,uae,tiger woods,

(Tiger Woods’ villa in Dubai, UAE)

tennis on burj al arab hotel dubai,tennis,burj al arab,dubai,uae,emirates

(Tennis on Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE)

ski dubai,uae,skiing in dubai,photo,dubai

(Ski Dubai, UAE)

pedestrian network,overpass,dubai,uae,life in dubai

(An overpass on Dubai street, UAE)

dolphin,dubai,uae,park ,pool,animal photo,emirates

(Amusement park in Dubai, Dolphin Show, UAE)

jumeirah beach hotel and burj al arab hotel in dubai,at ngiht,dubai,burj al arab,jumeirah hotel,uae

(Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai)

a house on dubai palm islands,dubai,palm islands,uae,wallpaper,house

(A house on Dubai Palm Islands, Dubai)

helipad and helicopter on burj al arab,dubai,burj al arab,helipad,helicopter,hotel in dubai

(Helipad and Helicopter on Burj Al Arab, Dubai)

from 1194 to today dubai,city,uae,dubai,united arab emirates

(From 1994 to today Dubai)

falcon in dubai desert,falcon,desert,dubai,uae,animal photo

(Falcon in Dubai desert)

houses in dubai,wallpaper,uae,canal,building,dubai

(Walk on Dubai streets to see the beautiful samples of Arabian architecture.Don’t forget to take your camere with you.)

dubai skyline photo from burj al arab hotel,uae,dubai,skyline,sea

(Dubai skyline photo from Burj Al Arab Hotel)

streets of dubai palm islands,dubai,palm islands,uae,wallpaper

(Streets of Dubai Palm Islands)

dubai metro,metro,dubai,uae,photo,emirates

(Dubai Metro, UAE)

dubai madinat souk,uae,river,dubai,wallpaper

(Strolling Dubai streets, UAE)

island in dubai,island,uae,garden,emirates,dubai,wallpaper

(A Small Gorgeous Island in Dubai, UAE)

the largest fountain in the world,dubai,fountain,uae,wallpaper,emirates

(The Project of the Largest Fountain in the world, Dubai, UAE)

disneyland in dubai,disneyland,uae,night,lagoon,emirates

(Disneyland Dubai, UAE)

safari in dubai desert,uae,jeep,safari,dubai,desert,united arab emirates

(Safari in Dubai Desert, UAE)

dubai creek,traditional boats,buildings,dubai,uae,wallpaper

(Dubai Creek, UAE)

dubai creek,river,creek,dubai,uae,wallpaper,photo

(Dubai Creek, UAE)

dubai sports city,stadium,uae,dubai,at night,united arab emirates

(Dubai sports city, UAE)

dubai city at night,dubai,wallpaper,photos,uae,united arab emirates,city

(Dubai City at night, UAE)

dubai bay sunset,dubai,sunet,bay,uae,wallpaper,united arab emirates

(Dubai bay sunset, UAE)

dubai burj al arab hotel,birds eye view,uae,wallpaper,dubai skyline

(Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel, UAE)

Click to read Part 2 which includes more photos and the article about what to do in Dubai, popular activities, “must see places in Dubai” etc.


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