What is the best month for Safari in Africa?

What is the best month for a safari?

The best time to go on safar  in Africa is generally the dry season. The success of a safari is usually measured by the number of animals you see during the game and during the dry season is the chance of spotting wildlife a lot bigger. The animals gather en masse because of the few areas with water that are left, and can result in the dry season in a relatively short time a lot of animals.

However, this period, also called a number of disadvantages. The dry season is in fact by far the busiest time in the parks and if there is a chance that accommodation is full and the prices are generally in this period also a lot higher. You also have the busier parks chance at making the animals with a lot of other tourists should “share”.

Fortunately, the rainy season not all African countries in the same time. There is therefore a year-round safari destination in Africa where the conditions for making safaris good to very good.


January is the time for safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It is in January in these countries usually dry and the animals converge on the few places where water has to be found. In January you can get the world famous migration of wildebeest and zebras behold. This can in this time of year seen in the northern parks of Tanzania, particularly in the southern Ndutu and Salei plains.


February is one of the best months to go on safari in the northern parks of Tanzania. In this time of year because there are thousands of wildebeest born. Elsewhere in Tanzania and Kenya and Uganda this month in many newborn animals. Southern Tanzania is very hot and humid in February, so if you do not do well in this month you can better the northern parks of Tanzania visits.


Also in March, the East African safari destination in Africa. In Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is still the dry season and it is also very easy to spot large numbers of animals at the few water spots that are left. There is one exception: March is not a good month to look at the gorillas in Uganda. That is because the rainy season already started, so the trails almost impassable.


April is a good month for those seeking an affordable safari. This is because the month when the rainy season begins in East Africa where the rainy season in southern Africa to an end.

Because the rain brings plenty of water the animals do not need to collect in places where water has to be found. They now spread through the parks and are therefore much harder to find. Also the vegetation starts to grow again and thus you can block your view, making the animals even more difficult to spot. During the rainy season, the showers after the big tornado also further prevent the dirt roads become impassable in the parks.

Yet there are still places in april where the conditions for a safari fine. Thus the conditions in northern Tanzania in April often excellent, while most tourists have left already. Also for Botswana and Namibia is april a good month to go on safari.


The best country in May to go on safari in Zambia is likely. In the rest of southern Africa safari conditions are good in May.

For East Africa may not have any good month to go on safari. If you still in May to East Africa to go, check in advance whether the camps and lodges that you want to visit are open. If that is the case you would be able to regulate attractive rebates in May.


The safari conditions in southern Africa, in June, almost at their best. In South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia, this is the safari season. However, it can in southern Africa at night quite cold, so make sure you bring some warm clothes when you are in June in southern Africa on a safari.

July to september

July to September is a peak period for safaris in most of Africa. Very remarkable in this period, the Masai Mara in Kenya, where you can see millions of migratory wildebeest crossing rivers where crocodiles lurk. A disadvantage of this period, it is reasonable that the pressure can be. Accommodation is also generally fast and full on the pricey side.


Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania are the best countries for a safari in October. The short rainy season is usually not started by the previous dry months and you have a good chance to see many animals.


November is a good month for a safari in Zambia. This month, in Zambia in Liuwa Plain National Park, namely the smaller version of the great East African migration place, and although smaller than the great migration in East Africa is also this large-scale migration very spectacular to see. However the other parks in Zambia in November not at their best, but you can still nice in november safaris.

Also in northern Tanzania is a spectacular migration seen in november. The migrating wildebeest and zebras than to get back on the way to the plains of the Serengeti.


No need for a white Christmas but a safari-Christmas? Go to East Africa! In Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is generally dry conditions in December and are therefore perfect for a safari.

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