Visit The Small Kingdom of Tonga!

Best Travel Tips: Visit the small kingdom of Tonga!

Approximately 2000 km northeast of New Zealand is a small country of Tonga. This beautiful land consists of approximately 170 islands of which 36 are permanently inhabited.

Most islands have beautiful beaches ideal for the tourist. The main island of Tongatapu has all possibilities for a beautiful beach and sun. The population is very friendly and speaks good English.

How do I travel to Tonga?

Countries is on average 2 per day international flights on the main island. Air New Zealand fly in about 3 hours from Auckland to Tonga. Air Pacific also flies from Suva (Fiji) to Tonga.

From Sydney you can average 2 times per week fly to Tonga.

If you book early you pay for a ticket to Tonga average 200-300 Euros.

Best Travel Time to Kingdom of Tonga ?

In Tonga it rains a lot but from January to March is generally the driest. But in the other months you can enjoy the sun and nice weather.

Tip: Stay at Keleti International resort!

This beautiful resort with a private beach is about 15km from the capital. Completely hidden among the beautiful nature and a beautiful beach is the Keleti International resort. For about 50-70 U.S. dollars per night stay here in a little hut on the beach. at night you can hear the sea roar and imagine yourself completely from civilization.

– Free pickup from airport

– Restaurant

– Nice family that runs the resort

– Internet & TV

– Beautiful beachfront location

– A unique experience in a fantastic land far from civilization!

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