Tips for How to find Hotels and Accomodation in Cuba

Here, you will find easy tips for how to accomodate in Cuba.What are the conditions of hotels in Cuba? What are the ways of finding cheaper accomodation? What hotels and/or companies are good to contact with and to make reservations in Cuba?

Some very easy to use tips all about accomodation in Cuba. You will see some hotel names and also company names with which you could contact to make your reservation or to get info about.

In Cuba, there for everyone to find suitable accommodation. Many hotels are comparable to European 3 star hotels. There are also 4 and 5 star hotels.

It is also possible to rent a room from a Cuban. Many Cubans renting a room or an apartment. Prices vary by city, but Havana is obviously more expensive. From 8 November 2004 Dollars no longer accepted as payment in Cuba. The Cuban currency is the peso.(By the way, In Cuba there are many works on tips (read bribes), parking attendants, waiters, hotel staff, lavatory, nearly everyone works for tips, preferably in dollars.)

Hoteles Cubanacán 

Book directly online at one of the hotels of this food in Cuba.

The Wandering Dog 

Book a room here at a private address in Havana.

Casa Particular Regi Strada 

Book a room here in a private home.

Hotel Victoria 

This is a small hotel located right in the Vedado district.

Gran Caribe 

This chain will find the finest hotels throughout Cuba.


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