Most Detailed & Largest China Map and Flag

Hi to all our precious visitors ! We will continue publishing our posts of flags and maps of countries all over the world.It is time for China; You will find the best quality and largest and most detailed maps of China within this post, and also couple of Chinese flag, besides the touristic information about China. (Maps and flag are all large sized; click on the pictures or simply right click and save into your computer to view the larger size.)
A holiday in China is not easy to describe in a few sentences. Who says China, think of a continent in itself, as large as Europe, with a quarter of the world, a country of extremes, with ancient culture and nature, super-modern skyscrapers and traditional farming villages.

East of China is the most densely populated. In the northwest is much desert here is the ancient Silk Road. More to the southwest dominates the mountains in Tibet lie the highest mountains in the world. The highest concentration of colorful ethnic minority groups found in the provinces of Guizhou and Yunnan in the south, in the midst of an impressive nature.

Hong Kong skyscrapers and vast shopping districts and entertainment districts cozy, traditional and trendy. Within an hour’s boat ride from “the places to be ‘you can find almost deserted islands, beautiful beaches and traditional fishing villages. Discover the hotels in China that are interesting for your stay. A holiday in China, a world of difference!
Map of Ethnic and Linguistic Groups of China
China: Map of Provinces and the Capital cities
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