Capital of Suriname; Allover a vacation in Paramaribo

Paramaribo from A to Z
Independence Square, the Waterfront and nightlife. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when you think of Paramaribo. The rest can be found in this complete Paramaribo alphabet.

A Active
Would you just get more active and do not succeed in the city? Then put the road to Bergendal, just over one hours drive away. Here you will find an activity center where you can include strumming on the Suriname River, canoeing, or – more relaxed – historic walks.

B Broki
A venue at the Waterfront, where you are in the open air overlooking the Suriname River to relax in a hammock. Suffering from a tropical rain, part of Broki is covered.

Central Market C
The Central Market (located at the Waterfront) consists of two market halls, where every morning (Sunday after) everything in the field of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish can find. Clothing and fabrics are also sold here. The sellers are not always eager to be photographed, so ask permission first.

D Dengue Mosquito
In the interior where you are suffering from malaria mosquitoes, you have in urban areas (and hence Paramaribo) burden of dengue mosquitoes (overdag!). Dengue infected mosquitoes can (in some cases fatal) damage. Vaccinations are not against, cover as many body parts and lubricate the exposed body parts with anti-mosquito stuff with enough DEET.

E Events
In Paramaribo’s always something going on. In February, the city is the theme of carnival, while in April the city four days is dominated by the Surinamese Avondvierdaagse. The streets are the backdrop of beautiful floats. The Labour Day, May 1st is celebrated on the Waterfront and the Palm Garden. Once every two years takes place in Paramaribo Suripop and the Independence Day (November 25th) is celebrated.

F Bikes
Riding with the heat? Yes it can! Take enough water with you. And not only Paramaribo visit by bike, but do, for example, over the river towards the Commewijne district. In this region, which takes you back in the 18th and 19th centuries, found under some old plantations.

G Galibi Nature
In this reserve, located just 150 km (low for Surinamese concepts) from Paramaribo, you can from March / m in July at night spotting turtles that lay their eggs lie. Because it lies on the north coast you will also find several white sand beaches. Perfect for a day!

H History
The inner city of Paramaribo is history at its best. The biggest example is Fort Zeelandia, a former Dutch fortress. You can find these on the left bank of the Suriname River. Since 2004 a museum. The fort is in most people especially known for the December murders that are taking place on December 8, 1982. This left 15 people dead.

I International
In Paramaribo find a mix of culture. Surinamese, Javanese, Hindustani, Chinese, they all live by each other. And all in harmony. We can still learn from the Netherlands.

J Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge
This bridge, also called the Bridge Suriname, Paramaribo connects the place more care in the district Commewijne. The bridge is named after President Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge. The bridge, opened in 2000, aims to develop employment and stimulate Commewijne. The bridge is 1,504 meters long and has two lanes. Because of its great height, he has several times been the scene of suicide attempts. The bridge is therefore not accessible to pedestrians.

K of Cooking in Suriname
In the morning visit the market with a cook and then jointly prepare a meal and eat? Several tour operators offer visitors a culinary tour. Take this way to know the Surinamese kitchen!

L Livorno
Livorno is one of the twelve areas (jurisdictions) of Paramaribo, on the left bank of the River Suriname. This neighborhood used to be a large sugar plantation and later became a seat of Hindu immigrants in particular.

M Maagdenstraat
Looking for jewelry? Pay a visit to the Virgin Mary Street in downtown Paramaribo. Jewelers determine here the streets.

N Nightlife
Nightlife in Suriname works differently than in the Netherlands. It goes on the road (by car) and drive around the city. Stops to talk to or go with friends and family along. The Surinamese nightlife is not the place for you to go below the local average. Nevertheless, there is plenty to do. Especially in the various clubs, such as Zsa Zsa Zsu, Starzz and Millennium.

O of Independence Square
The central square of Paramaribo. Many events are held in this square, where the Presidential Palace and National Assembly to lie. On the square stands the statue of Pengel and Lachmon, two esteemed heads of state of Suriname.

Tip! Every Sunday on the square a songbird contest held. Paramaribo male makes his appearance and the fight with an opponent the bird. Which “sings” the most in the predetermined time?

P Palm Garden
More than palms and a small statue of a boy who died after being locked in a refrigerator, is not seen in the Palm Garden. Yet it is a pleasant place to relax. There are also many events.

Beware! In the evening it is unwise to run the Palm Garden related crime.

Q Quintis Ristie
The man of the Lassie advertising, solid reporter in the program Raymann’s late, and since 2010 he also appeared in the youth series Spangas. About who we are? Quintis Ristie course, born August 25, 1972 in Paramaribo.

R Restaurants
In Paramaribo, you will not soon starve. Of food stalls at the Waterfront, the restaurant De Waag: Paramaribo is an all-rounder. Surinamese, Hindustani, Javanese, Italian, you’ll find it all here!

S of St. Peter and Paul Cathedral
Right in the center, the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. It is the largest wooden building in Latin America. The cathedral was built between 1883 and 1885. Its yellow and blue look is immediately noticeable. Very special! In 2010, the cathedral in scaffolding for renovation.

T Tour the town
Have not much time to Paramaribo to discover? Arrange through the Tourist Information Centre stand walk with local guide. This will tell you the highlights here along lead.

You UNESCO World Heritage
The historic center of Paramaribo state since July 2002 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And that’s not for nothing! The city has a unique architecture and thanks to all the different nationalities over the years that are located in Paramaribo. The buildings in town are almost all made of wood. A joy to behold!

V Barrel
‘T Vat is one of the most famous pubs in Paramaribo. It is stationed in an old bus and they organize several evenings with live music in season.

W Waterfront
Do you want the real life of Suriname taste, mix it with the locals at the Waterfront. At the Waterfront you will find several food stalls where you can get your own dinner, which you then view the water opsmult.

S of Zus & Zo
During a city tour just relax? Wipe down on the terrace of Zus & Zo opposite the Palm Garden. This guesthouse and restaurant adjoining terrace adjoining gift shop is housed in a colonial building and popular artists.

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